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The then archpriest had a prophecy: When the monster are born, the Son of light will light up the world. The world was really peaceful. The king of this kingdom was really vigorous, helping one nun after another. The prince once had a happy life. But he had been having annoying inauspicious dreams recently.
One day, the king suddenly died. A glittering crown appeared on the prince’s head.

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The inauspicious dream the prince had, is a symbol of the monsters who have been invading humans. The prince had summoned the lords of fight the monsters. Ross had entered a chaotic age.
Sir, we found devils. Kloss is going for defense. Go and organize the defense on all the city gates. When it’s done, meet at the western gate.

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My lord, here you come! The devil is coming, we can’t let them enter the city. Enemy pit friend kept summoning minions. We must find a way to take him first, use skills! Kill monsters, gain energy. Energy recovers over time. Charge enough energy cast powerful skill. When your energy bar has 2 full gauges, your ultimate will be available.
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Crusader - a base attack finisher in tower defense and a speed based or skill trigger damage dealer in battle mode.
Celestia (unicorn) - a commander in tower defense and a skill based rear support in battle mode.
Griffon - a base attack finisher and a controller. use him in battle mode to counter melee enemies with fast speed.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • After level 40, you may find purple gears in mysterious shop.
  • Get defeated? Try adjusting your lineup to make a different.
  • Rune can enhance heroes' stats.
  • Judge the situation and decide whether to wait till the second gauge is full.
  • Collect hero shards to star up your commanders.
  • No enough XP potions? Use cheats or get more from mirror trial.

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After enhancing a hero for 5 times, you may star up him and gain lots of stats bonus. Enemy info - here you may view enemies’ information. By understanding to your enemies and make a strategy to counter them.
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