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Your dream wasn’t for naught: after many years of peace, the dark forces are indeed waging a war against us. Armies of demons have besieged our city! We must fight! We can’t destroy the evil forces without using our special abilities! We must use the Gryphon’s flight! Use your best weapon to strike the enemy! The times of peace have softened our warriors. Let's see how good they are: use your hero's ability right now!

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It takes great courage to stand against evil forces with only a simple wooden staff in your hands. Better replace it with the legendary weapon! Sadly, you don’t yet have a set of shining armor or chainmail yet. But still, it’s good to have at least something to protect yourself with. Our army is still very weak, but we have no other choice than to stand and fight. The forces of Darkness are attacking. The last fights have brought us many spoils. These artifacts should improve the strength of our warriors. We have to use them all in the next battle.

Lords of the Arena Legends cheats, hack codes

The higher the level of our abilities, the more good they do us in battle. People are grateful to you for defending the capital of our allied empire from the forces of darkness. They’ve prepared a handsome reward! The chests contain valuable artifacts, XP potions, new heroes, and many other things. Open the golden chest to see what’s inside! Let me introduce you to the Monk. The ancient spells that he alone knows will prove to be very helpful in battle. The Monk knows many secrets of the warriors from the parallel world of Darkness. He’s ready to fight, but he has to gain some experience first.
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Assemble a band of the finest warriors, teach them the art of combat, and then go crush your enemies! Complete the exciting campaign or fight other players in PvP mode. We wish you luck in battle! The higher your lord level, the greater your opportunities. To earn the required experience to level up, fight in campaign missions and complete quests. Completing quests is the best way to gain experience. Open the list to see what quests are available to you.

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