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. Android game Lost survivor cheat hack code - diamonds, level up, repair, unlimited water, keys, learn skills, premium chest, heavy lootcase (New York, Unated state).

Where am I? I woke up on the beach of a tropical island. No clue how I got here. Or who I am. With the help of a crazy, talking bird I discovered a safe spot for a camp. Jungle – how on earth did it there? Then, I reached the top of a cliff. Marvelous view. Guess what – right next to the small island there is another one. And it is huge. I started exploring the beach of the large island. Plenty of animals there. And some of them are so hostile! Why do they attack me?  Lost survivor –  secret cheats
Finally! You're awake. Come over here. It's not safe here. You should arm yourself – find a weapon. Told Ya! Unsafe area! An enemy blocks the way! A box – they contain useful loot. Wait until the buttons are charged. Tap them to attack. You look hurt and hungry, though. Let's look for food ( find food to heal yourself). You can build some buildings right away, using diamonds. They don't need a skill to be unlocked first. When your backpack gets full, sell items you do not need.

Lost survivor cheats android, ios hack codes

 Lost survivor – weapon codes
Repair your most valuable items only. Most of the time it is easier to just craft broken stuff again. Banana – place it in a dessert dish. Place scoops of ice cream between banana. Top with remaining ingredients. Serve immediately. When you have a food boost active you will not go hungry in a stage. Repair your most valuable items only. Most of the time it is easier to just craft broken stuff again.
Lost survivor – hack code cheats

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every defeated enemy subtracts 1 durability from a random equipped item. When you are hungry eat something! Otherwise, you will starve...Fishing rod – herrings don't catch themselves. You have to do it, with a fishing rod like this one! Campfire – cook, bake and grill food. Watch out for hazards! They damage you and cause nasty injuries. Injuries lower your stats for a number of stages. Find resources to expand the camp and build better equipment. Objectives – this place has stuff we need. Some things you find in the stages require certain tools in order to be used. Lost survivor: explore the nex island

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1. ACYnLCPe0M - diamonds
2. 4nYjG4Jdp8 – level up
3. 0vObGkNZ3y - repair
4. 4z6BPbgMaV – unlimited water
5. EoDbHEyZJQ - keys
6. U0jnFlOb2K – learn skills
7. ChTfoUQ93w – premium chest
8. qzDBXaxWZF – heavy lootcase

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