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Greetings to all hunters! Thanks for playing lost age. We are looking forward for your feedback and suggestions to the game. Or new ideas about the functions that we might be able to put into the game. Feel free to let us know. Join us now and get your feedback rewards!
Chapters: prologue - a primeval forest that is full of preys. Chapter 1 - embark on the journey in search of gods. Chapter 2 - a valley where the dinosaurs dwell.

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hack Lost Age Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Warrior, move forward and open the coin to obtain a large amount of coins. Halt there, attack the training stake. Select one of the three skills you want.

cheat Step #2: Skills: chain lighting - when your attack hits an enemy, it will send out a chain of lightning.
Lightning ball - attack will send out balls.
Lightning counter: when player receives damage, the damage dealer will get damaged by lighting.

code Step #3:Next, open the skill door to get the godsent powerful skills: trap resist - reduce DMG received from trap. Death Gaze - revive once with a certain amount of HP. Invincible - forms a shield that grants 3 seconds of invincibility. Hercules spear - charge when moving to increase attack damage every second, up to 5 second. Spear shot - attacks will shoot out a spreading bullet. Fatal bounce - bullet will bounce between monsters.

Lost Age Step #4: Use fountain: recovery instant item - restore up to 20% HP. Hercules Miracle - passive item: increase damage of normal attack by 30%. Revival touch - one more revival chance, restore HP by 50%
Wind GOD: quick attack - increases attack speed. Faltering - slows surrounding enemies. Dodge - has a chance to dodge damage.

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  • 1. Hack cheats:
    talent gem - #6VsjT5s8s
    keys - #ODVwu0a3t
    blueprint - #wljrvZiWy
    God Prayer - #UluylipGo
    myth gear - #P5NVbSTdl
  • 2. Warlord: warcry - after killing an enemy, your next attack deals more damage. Warlord's spear - attack will inflict warlord's spear. Burst attack - killing enemies might form a burst Vortex.
  • 3. To defend against the attack of evil tribes, we must build a tribe and make it strong. There is enough wood to build a sawmill. With more wood, we can build other buildings. We also need a lot of stone to build other more advanced buildings.
  • 4. We need to build an altar so we can connect with God unlocking more talents. Altar - is a place for the warriors to discover their inner talent. Countless warriors have learnt many skills here. Talent gem - used to unlock and distribute talents in altar; obtained from adventure and road to heroes.
  • 5. Witch: ordeal movement coin harvest - you will take +20% damage in the next 2 rooms. Coins discovered by you will increase by 15% after this. Bomb threat coin harvest - killed enemies will throw bombs at you in the next 4 rooms. Coins discovered by you will increase by +50%. Trap moment talent harvest - a trap will cause +500% damage in the next 4 rooms. Talents discovered by you will increase by +50%.
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