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Connect 3 or more stones of the same color to attack the enemy. Trace 3 red stones, then remove your finger. The numbers beneath your foes’ feet are the number of turns left before they attack. When that number reaches zero. The pieces your traced fly overhead. They’ll deal damage to the enemies they hit. Next, i;ll teach you about an amazing technique called super stones - trace 4 red stones. If you clear 4 or more stones at once, you create an incredibly powerful super stone.

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Next, i’ll teach you how to do combos. If there are multiple super sones near each other, you can induce an explosion, and create a combo! If you trace a super stone along with 2 or more stones of the same color, you can move the super stone. And last of all, i’ll teach you a super-secret technique. Like i said earlier, you can trace a super stone to move it. If you stack 2 different types of super stones, you can create an even mightier hyper stone!

Lost Stones cheats, hack codes

Stacking 3 different types of super stones will create something even more incredible! There are 5 elements! Fire, water, and nature are in a 3-way standoff. Darkness and light are opposite of each other. You can deal tons of damage by using the element your enemy is weak against. Skills are the ace up your sleeve! After clearing a certain amount of stones, you’ll unleash a powerful skill. I’ve gone ahead and filled your mana! Use combos and skills to bring down the enemy!
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Before i introduce another ranger to you, you should build up your base. Setting up facilities there will be beneficial to everyone on their journey. You’ll need iron to build facilities. Build a mine to produce iron! Tap an empty lot to get started! Why don’t you give the skip button a tap? Normally you’d need gems for this, but i’ll let it slide this time. Storage increases the amount of resources you can store in your base. Barracks will increase the number of people who can stay in your base. Now you can recruit a lot of new companions.

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Tap auto formation and a recommended team will be formed for you! If you have any equipment, they will also be equipped as recommended! Quest choice - here you can invite other player heroes as quests. Your quest’s skill can be used only once per stage. Don’t forget to bring your battle items during battles, this will give you advantages to complete these. Clearing stones will fill your fever gauge when it reaches 100%. All the stones you will clear will also erase stones next to themselves. You can clear away more stones than usual in fever mode. GdsIZL - supply box
PDmj8n - treasure chest
Itd00z - hyper attack
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