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Welcome to the ,oud house! If you want to get around without bumping into one of my ten sisters, you’re gonna need a plan! Luckily i’ve always got one! Just follow my lead! Let’s learn how to play. Lana told me the secret to a perfect mud puddle is equal parts water and dirt! Lets help her out and draw a path to the puddle. We’re always on the move here at the loud house, so keep a careful eye on where we’re headed! Touch to select Lana, then Drag to draw a path for her to the puddle.

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We got points! Now i just have to make sure Lana doesn’t track mud in my room again. Now that you can handle one objective, let’s make it more interesting. Bonus pickups won’t stay around for long. Grab them quick for a big point bonus! We have a time limit to get as many points as we can or you should use cheat code. Remember, if we collide, we’ll need to restart the level! To unlock the next level, avoid collisions until the timer runs out! Get to some practice to make sure you are ready for that.

Loud House cheats, hack codes

When we’re on a roll, we get more points. Keep an eye on the combo multiplier. Avoid collisions, and keep completing objectives in quick succession. Look out, a fight cloud is coming our way! If anyone touches the fight cloud, they won;t reach their objective.
Spooky lovers to the attic - i do all of my best work up here. Here are the new trophies we unlocked. Every trophies gives us a collectible in the attic. Using the touch screen, you can move around the attic, and select an item to view its details.
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Everyone shares the same goal here but only one of us can complete the task at a time, so draw your paths carefully and space them out! We still need our personal space especially me. You don’t need to get all of the trophies in one try. You can take multiple tries on a level to target each trophy individually. There are 30 levels to unlock across the game, see how far you can get! You can turn off the music, sound effect, and device vibration in the settings at any time.

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