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A play that started from my personal pastime, combat tournament. But now that i’m running the competition, i saw a crowd of people enjoying themselves as much as i did. I was feeling the heat of the crowd, and i had an interesting idea. What if we turn the contestants into chessmen and throw them to the audience? What if the crowd form their own team to compete against each other? Wouldn’t it be quite different from my stage? So i made this game by copying the contestants and some of the Lucid adventures. In this game, we’re the spectators and...You will be god!

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Tap hero face and make him stronger already! Try powering up whenever you have gold. No need to save up gold because it’s only used for power-ups. You see the blue numbers? That means that they are of magic attribute. Do you see the white and yellow numbers? Hero mainly use physical attack.
If you return: the power up level will be reset to 1 and you’ll restart from stage 1. YOu can increase the character’s level with the experience earned. The Hohoians’ gold production time will be reduced by 1 second (maximum 50 seconds).

Lucid Adventure cheats, hack codes

Do you see the gauge around the face below? Hohoians earn gold every time the gauge is filled. You’ve earned EXP? GO to the manage party menu to level up the characters in the next battle. Battle forest - the place where the PvP preliminaries used to take place. Survived monsters are behaving like they’re the owners. You earn experience by the stages your teammate proceeded when you return.
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Party: Warrior: moonlight slash - a technique leaned from a legendary swordsman from the past. Attacks the enemies in front. Temple - decreases the enemy’s defense and evasion rate. hellfire - attack opponents in a straight line.
Dark: summon lazie - attacks on both the ground and in air. Bone wall - summons a sharp bone wall with black magic. Attacks the target and nearby heroes.
Sora - he will open his mouth wide to swallow the enemies. Meal - all ATK UP after the meal 30% Jump slash - a jump attack using two swords. Inflicts great damage on the enemies in the front.

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If you return now, at stage 101, your team level becomes 2 and if you return at stage 201, your team level becomes 3! The higher your team level, the more items you earn from trophies. auUHJN - supply box
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