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A Gaming App where you can play game in your dream. It is a game created by Roy Han, the chairman of Giga, and beacause pf its limitless sandbox world it is also known as a second world. The game has grown too much to impact the real world. Even at this time over 10 million players, including Giga, are playing to conquer this world. In this chaotic virtual reality, i was knows as the strongest player. Until “it” happened to me.

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Well first, you gotta learn how to fight. I’m going to instruct between the battle, so pay attention. The left button is to use active skill. Active skill also generates MP sp be sure to use it whenever it’s ready. The right button is to use special skill. It costs significant amount of MP to use but performs powerful ability.
We better find a new crew to join our battles. Let’s go and find new member from the pub over there. You should try premium recruit to find great crews. You can hire just one out of three.

Lucid Adventure cheats, hack codes

Hold up a second. Before we head in, let’s make sure that we are properly leveled up. Push the level up button. Through we need to spend some golds to level up, our overall stats will get increased. So don’t forget.
One more thing! Before we fight, we gotta setup the party first to make sure our newly recruited member joins the fight. Touch new unit from the list. THe order of their positions are automatically set as their attack ranges.
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If you want to get stronger, look around the town and seek for the useful stuffs. Recuit a member from the pub. You will immediately lose with weak party! Recruiting strong crew is one way to achieve victory. Don’t forget to level up also! Craft equipment from blacksmith! 10 level gap means nothing in front of equipment. It is very important to equip your heroes. You can enter material dungeon from level 5. Gather the materials, craft equipment and reinforce it. Obtain tributes and quests. You can obtain tributes from hohoians in town. As you get stronger, they will work harder. Always check daily and weekly quest. Don’t forget to receive rewards.

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