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Welcome to the new android game! As a warrior, we must be brave enough to explore, let’s go! Training is on! THe first wave of monsters has arrived, defeat them! SO many monsters! I can’t beat them! Use group skills to deal ranged damage. Use the skill thunder spell - lightning lord arrives, dealing massive damage. Now let’s launch the skill “thunder imprint” - the thunder will get rid of all the monsters for you!

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Equip gurgle magic core - do you fell your power suddenly surging. Each magic core has its own skills and appearance. Different magic cores match different skills. Assemble a magic core in a weapon to change its appearance. Assemble it in different places to change the corresponding part. Get more magic cores to create more personalized appearance. Drag to change the core’s position freely.

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Adjudge - devout close combat class. Gather the power of the thunder in the warhammer and sanction the enemy with it. Guardian - indestructible close combat class. Excel at resisting the enemy and bearing damages. Able to improve the team’s combat capability with divine powers.
Mage - a ranged class that excels in magic. Manipulate the power of fire, lightning, and frost to deal burst damage to the enemy. Magic core attributes: green, blue, purple, orange, etc.
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Knight - a close combat class that excels in both offense and defense. Use spear and shield to deal damage to the enemy and save teammates when they are in trouble.
Each class has its unique abilities, use them well to make battles easier.
es, Adventure - there are tons of monsters in this fantastic world, go discover them!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can enable auto battle! Long press on auto to set up your skills. Tap to select the skills to be auto cast.
  • The event organizer has prepared lots of gifts for you! Collect them all: daily check-in, level up gift, reward retrival, benefit card, gift codes.
  • Garb magic core - it strengthens the physique and changes the appearance.
  • Participate in the dark invasion for a chance to obtain rune materials.
  • Join a guild for a ton of fun, more guild events await!
  • Newbie growth - newbie plans have been prepared especially for you, complete it to receive a ton of rewards.

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Elemental seal - immediately gain an elemental seal effect for 20 seconds. Flame seal - upon casting the thunder spell, it ignites the ground beneath the target to create a field to the blazing bolt, dealing 20% ATK plus 40 magic damage to targets in the field every 1 second. Thunderous imprint - deals 30$ ATK plus 20 magic damage to random enemy target.
Light up your handbooks, acquire the warrior badge, and learn new skills to improve your combat power.
When cultivation EXP is 0, no cultivation EXP can be gained but EXP from main storyline quest, armament quest, and events is not affected.
Lumia Saga tutorial

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