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God’s chosen warriors: welcome to new android game, the long awaited Western fantasy and mythology MMORPG. Here is the world full of thrill adventure where you will meet with the ancient gods and get into a burning battle. Get yourself in a totally new adventure experience with the stunning effect and skill. Burn the continent with Valkyrie. Will you be the destinated warrior to defeat the monster and save the world.

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Assassin - born in poverty, exuding the mysterious oriental atmosphere. Make a living with a sword.
Warrior - the elites of the silver knight is known as the shield of the kingdom. Slogan: the battlefield stays!
Mage - the chief scholar of the magic school siad to be a prominent aristocrat, but surname is unknown.

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Welcome to OLOG. The eternal spear has already appear, the Olog continent is waiting for your salvation. Warriors, join us now!
Following the will of Olog, i found you in the roar of the universe river. A comet landed in the West, awaken the sleeping monster. Destined warrior, you should set out now! The heri statue has been tarnished by the demons, i give you my power, and go clean the polluted statue.
Lunathorn wiki

To become the strongest mage, you’ll need more new spells.
Clear sweets around the ice cube to clear a layer of the ice cube.
How about an ice cream for dessert? Let’s select a sweet, and another one of the same kind. The icon top left corner displays the sweet you cleared in the previous step. In this step, we select the same point you cleared just now, one more - you created an ice cream! Link it up with another candy - cleared its surrounding sweets.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • What to do daily: battling, defeat boss, play dungeon.
  • Equip purple weapon to defeat God king with ease. defeat boss to get artifact.
  • Limited item is refreshed daily, which can greatly enhance CP.
  • More people are more powerful, and play games with friends can make a big advantage.
  • After first top-up, you can receive gift for 3 days (the earlier the first top-up, the greater advantage of early stage).
  • Guardian elves can bring a lot of help, hanging up with duke, pk with wind elves.

Lunathorn tips
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A good mount can improve your strength, enable a faster speed. You want to the location of artifact? You can’t find it, it was sealed. Legend said Odin sealed this artifact in one thousand years ago. Find 3 sealing crystal to get the artifact.
Activate half year vip: exclusive full screen K.O; daily gold blessing chance increased; kill the mob exp upgrade +30%; all quest is free to teleport; transaction tax reduces; weekly limited purchase item.
Lunathorn tutorial

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Weapons: thunder hammer - dwarf created it using oracle gold wrapped thunder of blessing and repel misfortune. Artifact skill: deal magical damage to maximum 6 units around. Passive: your basic defense increased, and attack has chances to stun enemy.
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