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Free hack Lyn The Lightbringer cheats code list - enhance stone, elite summon, wings, promo ticket, milestones, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Lyn The Lightbringer cheat world: in adventure, heroes move automatically. They also automatically attack any enemies they encounter. Tap your heroes’ skills to defeat your enemies. Use skills to make powerful attacks. Use the ultimate to destroy your foes. Chain skills - are powerful combos created by heroes fighting together. Chain skills activate after 2 consecutive ultimate skills are used. A max of 3 ultimate skills can be chained together.

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Tap the auto button in the top right to use skills automatically as well. There are two auto modes: Semi auto and full auto. Semi - uses active skills, full - uses both skills. Now let’s develop your heroes! Tap view details to view character’s info. Tap the develop button in the hero details screen. Select the material heroes from the hero inventory on the right. You can select up to 10 material heroes. Tap the develop button to consume the material heroes for experience points. Development heroes provide a large amount of EXP when used as material.

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Now let’s look at how to access adventure content. Tap the adventure button in the bottom right. This is the list of dungeons in your current chapter. Select the dungeon you wish to enter. Let’s learn about equipping gear. Tap the hero button. Tap the gear button in the hero details screen. Then select a piece of gear you’d like to equip. Strengthen your heroes by equipping more gear.

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Tap the free summon button. You can use free summon once a day. Tap the organize menu. Select a hero from the inventory to the right. Place them in formation to set your team. organize a new team and start your adventure. Use skill enhance stone chest - a chest containing a small amount of gold and a skill enhance stone. You can obtain skill enhance stones by dismantling heroes.

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