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1. Bu48VjnYpy - level up 2. REyDPy18yt - scrolls 3. hFlm8cKK7O - 999 troops 4. 8HIIitTCa8 - multiplayer 5. qbE7KneTL2 - unlock map General, the place where we first landed is full of traces of Nether Lord Nigan and his army. The people here have been ruled by Nigen’s army for more than 30 days. We believe that Prince city, Khan city and Tria city nearby are also occupied by the army of Nigan or Orff.
The other generals conducting a comprehensive investigation to determine the exten of the invasion.

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Your mission is to set up a base, build up an army, and then confirm the scope of Nigan’s invasion and the route they invaded. If you can keep the safety of the military base, we can drive out the remaining enemy soon. Good luck!

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1. vpCsssik9V - races 2. U2VtX8G17f - new mode 3. mrNKruWo5u - campaign 4. vKmkdFSEnA - xxl map

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Buildings: Castle - recruit soldiers in the castle, but you need to construct barracks to train soldiers first. Watch tower - recruit lancers who are the basic units of human in watchtower. Upgrade to level up the star of lancers. City hall - manages the construction of other buildings. You need to upgrade the hall before constructing other buildings.
Might and Magic Heroes wiki
Archer tower - recruit archers who are the basic ranged units of human in archer tower. Barracks - recruit monks who are senior ranged units of human in magic tower. Create an Army that is truthfully undefeatable, destroy the enemy of Humans, Elves, Angels, Elements, and even the undead legion.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You pray to the statue and then it upgrades your hero by 1 level.
  • Dragon fetter scroll - an exquisite jar engraved with ancient words, with an ancient scroll in it. After pulling out the scroll, the nearby bone dragons all heard the roar of fear.
  • Explore the legend that buried for a long time and discover treasures, artifacts, creatures in the Magic World.
  • Build, Develop, Upgrade Your Kingdom to accumulate wealth and recruit an army of epic units.

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Angel (code: eaUbE55qtV) - are the messengers of Ellaths the Dragon of light on Ashan, as well as raiders. They have perfect and uncommon body, taller and more beautiful than ordinary human beings, exuding the atmosphere of power and trust. Their true origins remain a mystery, but it is certain that they are absolutely loyal of Ellaths. When fighting, they will wield the blade of Judgment and the Blade of Mercy.
Lancer (hack: vc3MzrhZQa)- in the past, the lancers were usually volunteers, and they were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to defend the empire, especially during the period of blood moon eclipse. But now, the lancers are already full-time soldiers. Therefore, they rely more on hard training than on firm beliefs.
Archer (cheat: 5RsZFIt0pq)- during the month of blazing sun upon the beginning of spring, a grand archery competition will be held in every city of the empire. The winners will get their posions among the archers.
Crusader (tools: pHlp5ZGd1v)- the word crusaders originally referred to the forces of the holy trial chamber. The name has now lost its original meaning, but still refers to the people who are brave enough to win that honor.
Might and Magic Heroes tutorial

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