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Tyrann Royal calendar september 20, 2207. Romania empire declared war against Crimea union. Afterwards, the empire made its attack in strength. They have fought each other for oil resources over and over. Finally the union has almost defeated under heavy fire. Millions of people suffered by homelessness during the war.

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We’ve found Scarlett’s traces and she will be captured without a doubt. As expected, we can’t let her escape to the Federation. She must pay for her betrayal. Sir, enemy is way too tanky. I can’t take him down with my normal attack. Reset assured, let’s use active skill since you have enough mana.
Commander, the Empire’s army has dispatched the command vehicle. What should we do? First destroy the command vehicle, otherwise the enemies will keep on coming.

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1. htbEDY - level up
2. NzWSvt - voucher
3. 9jvWj5 - shard
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Let me fill the machine gunner with 2 grids of mana. Releasing the ultimate will cause a massive amount of damage to a single target. Sir, the empire has just dispatched a special force. We are almost at our limit. To counter against the empire’s troops, we must recruit more heroes. I’ll take you to hero recruitment center. Code 10ObSz - will cover the recruitment free (recruit with diamonds hack). Guaranty tier A or tier S heroes. Awesome reward for every 10th recruit, reward up to tier S hero.
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M-DAY Units tier list (cheats) - sVVQEE - heavy tank is great for area attack, especially against large crowds.
Vip privileges: you can purchase stamina 10 chances each day. You can purchase gold each day, you can refresh military supply store, arena store and warrior soul store.
Recruit with golds - awesome reward from every 10th recruit, reward up to tier A hero.

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1 TLUFPb upgrade
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Sir, the empire sent out a major forces this time. If we deploy the heavy tank to the front line, we might get some unexpected results. Click on attack button, so we can cleanse the empire!
I’ve heard that there are handsome rewards for the command center once the mission is completed. With the rewards codes from the quests, we can train up our troops. PN3u8g - increase hero's maximum level
MmwYv9 - current stamina 5000
Occupied training ground:
C559Yd - medium training
p1JJXf - elite mastering
Hack iRPjjy - rookie lottery
Cheat QyMUvb - daily purchase with great gift. Event rules: during event, you can receive the rewards by meeting the total purchase requirement.
TGBsm4 - elite ticket. how and where enter
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