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Around 2500 BC, the Babilaka kingdom had advanced to become an early scientific civilization. The king of Babilaka created a gigantic weapon called Bagos, which forced all other nations to kneel down before the mighty power of Bagos. However, due to the continuous massive war of revolt against the colonial rule of the Babilakan king, Babilaka eventually collapsed. Many technological advances, including Bagos, were forgotten in the passage of time.

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Thousands of years later. in 1400 A.D, the fallen kingdom Babilaka and the ruins of Bagos, known only in myth and legend, were claimed to haven been discovered by an adventurer. From this point forward, the giant weapons were revived through Babilaka’s restored technology, and dubbed Machiknights. With the presence of the Machiknights, the tides of war were completely transformed. The kings from every nation grew to desire the artifacts of Babilaka. Meanwhile, the remains of the giant weapon Bagos were discovered in Whiteron.

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However, the Whiteron continent was ruled by the notorious kenos and his subordinates. The king of each kingdom offered a huge reward for Bago’s Blue Gemstone blueprint held by the Kenos gang. This is how three soldiers came together to form a trio dedicated to defeating Kenos in order to gain wealth and honor.
Units: Lancer: Lance - despite a narrow range, this specialized gear boasts long and fast stabs. Axe - a specialized gear that continuously attacks enemies at a high speed. Hammer - a gear with slow speed but high damage with a wide range.
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Musket: Cannon - a gear boasting the longest attack range. Shotgun - a short range gear that deals high damage to nearby enemies. machine gun - a gear with weak attack power but an amazingly quick firing speed.
Flame: oil barrel - a weapon that uses specially compressed oil to spew fire. Shell truck - once it starts bombing at a set interval, it will bring out the best fire power. Support pack - a gear with special items that have special effects on allies or enemies.

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