Cheats hack MAD TOWN RAID code: supplies, weapon box, gold, diamond gem, pet, booster, codes MAD TOWN RAID Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat MAD TOWN RAID hack android, ios code

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
10000 supplies - #1OKL6llQ7
50 weapon box - #bfWUG4G5j
500000 gold - #m19Jjg8v4
auto clicker - #zcQqnede9
legendary weapon - #qoiSGOEkK
pet - #Ej26J5uPh
1 Month Card code - #juIrpukOt
upgrade cheat - #OMrvxyxJk
x10 game speed - #Tab946P4Z
booster - #n6Zoi6MZH
secret combination - #Rf7xh6L1d
level up - #qiEaIJgjE
diamonds - #DDKUaYuSa
gems - #SnorAICYF
materials - #TCKaVG3SU
avatars - #VQeH45PjL
shield - #AVE6U1R6d
special reward - #oHhDDXzB1
How & Where enter
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Welcome to our camp. I've heard a lot about you. You have just come, but i have to ask you right away. camp residents are running out of supplies. Could you go to town and get supplies? The town is filled with virus infected zombies. But we have to go to town to get rid of zombies and find supplies for survival. I have installed a radio in the car you will ride into town. I will guide you by radio. I do not know if it is a blessing to maintain humanity without being infected in these times. I hope you find the meaning. Good luck.
Your party is going to town for supplies. Click portrait to release rage skill when rage is full. Don't forget to click hero portrait and put character into the lineup. Click level up to upgrade unit level and strengthen ability. We put on the gear we just got from killing zombies on to our new partners to improve her attributes. When you press the face button, the member will use the skill. Try using other members' skills also.
Use cheats codes to increase the level of the member. You can only press the button when you have enough gold.
Boss agro - this window shows a member who is aimed by the boss. The stronger the attack, the more attention the boss gets, and the boss attack that member.
1. Ordinary heroes can get heroic coins through dismissal.
2. The character does not recover energy when sustained damage is sustained.
3. Hero rank will limit the upper limit of character rank.
4. The action will be interrupt when that character suffers a large amount of damage.
5. The higher the stage level you arrive, the more medal bonuses you receive: supplies, gift, boost.
6. When you return to your camp with the supplies you have collected so far, you will be rewarded. Then the raid will be restarted.
7. Press crown button to change the party leader. Other members attack the party leader's attacking enemies first.
Patch Version
MAD TOWN RAID Redeem gift code
1. Oc4hjYcFEoSnzMr
3. qmoagXpZkpuqLo2
4. j0w4alt08v7UulB
5. GXuYHXaSFyrdoW3
Hack Release Date10 September 2020
Last Modified10 September 2020
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