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My name is Cheat-on and i am the operator who will assist you in carrying out your operations. Let me give a brief info on the shadow tech that we already have. As you already know, shadow tech are special machineries that can turn the tide of battle in our favor. You can obtain new shadow tech or upgrade the shadow tech you already have. By upgrading the factory itself, the maximum shadow gauge needed to deploy shadow techs will increase. Shadow techs cheat code have their own unique features. Ranging from attack, defense, healing, etc. Skilled usage of shadow tech’s abilities can turn the tides of battle.

MAD8 Raid Battle hack

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There’s a faction mission that requires your immediate attention. You’re still getting feet wet, but UGF is not going to wait around for us. Did you know that we launch and carry out missions all over the world with a use of an aircraft carrier? new opportunities for different and more challenging types of missions will come as you build a reputation by completing missions like this. Shall we start with the mission that just dropped in our lap? Faction mission is a mode that requires you to clear 8 missions deployed in each different regions of the promote the reputation of the mercenary.
We are setting our course for Dubai. It has lost a tremendous amount of beauty after the meteorite’s crash, but is still holds high strategic value. The UGF took control over Dubai and the shelter is requesting help.

MAD8 Raid Battle cheats, hack codes

1. Qi1TMu - level up
2. wmc1PO - voucher
3. YIemLk - shard
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Before staring the battle, you can select the heroes and shadow techs to carry out the mission. Check the enemy particle type and the enemy info and match it with your heroes’ shadow tech for maximum efficiency. Don’t forget use cheat code to equip the new shadow techs that were provided from the factory. The upgraded shadow tech will serve you well during battle. If you are done preparing for the battle, tap the battle start button on the lower right corner of the screen. If you are still preparing, you can tap the home button to return to the city.
MAD8 Raid Battle wiki
We will purchase a weapon in the hack shop. Heroes with excellent weapons make them incredibly powerful. Inventory menu is where you can change equipments and manage items of your heroes. You can change the hero by tapping the arrow button on the left and right side of the screen. All equipments can be equipped in the designated slots by tapping equip. Besides the already mentioned, you can use various functions such as heroes’ stat point distribution, selling and extracting items, inventory slot extension, and so on the inventory menu. Turret - attacks nearby enemies. The components can be obtained from faction mission.

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