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Commander, orbital cruiser has arrived at region GX#427 of sector T505. We are moving to a planet that has been selected as a new base. The entire sector T505 has been marked as lawless, as the battles among commanders rage on. Please be extra careful. Lots of enemies are approaching the orbital cruiser. We must defend until we reach the destination!It’s time to restock and regroup!
Are awake, Commander? Most of the damages have been repaired. We’ve lost an avatar from the enemy cannon fire. Our orbital cruiser has been repaired enough, so that we can continue our voyage. The prototype Avatar will be ready by the time when we reach the destination.

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It will be dangerous if they attack us again before we reach the destination. Let’s switch to fast cruise mode. Construction of the military complex has been completed while you were looking around the planet. Activating all the military facilities! We’d better strengthen our defense. Let’s deploy a watchtower. It can be completed instantly using cheat code or topaz if you press “finish now” button. The result for the resource analysis has arrived. There are 3 kinds of resources: ameth, acid, and aquanium. Fortunately, we will be able to get enough from the planet to upgrade our base.

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There are various kinds of resource collection facilities. If you build aethid refinery, you will be able to collect aethids needed to train troops. Now’s the time to train troops and build our forces. Please train the troops, so that we can deploy them on the selected transport ship. Transport ship for your squad - you can increase the number of transport ships if you upgrade the ship station. Your troops will be deployed on the selected transport ship to prepare for battle. A report we’ve been recording since we’ve arrived at section T505 is available. It’s a status report on building our new base. Basic defense and attack capability for the planetary base has been established. I will tell you how to join the battle in sector T505 by using hack cheats codes and your avatars. But first, we have one last place to visit.
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You have to go check your armory before a battle. This is the place where you can manufacture support weaponry that assists you and provide fire support when requests arrive from avatar or orbital cruiser. You must produce more support weaponries when a battle is over, just like your troops. It will be unavailable if you did not deploy your avatar or if your avatar is destroyed. Approaching warp gate to join the battlefield. Your avatar is your simulacrum. You can press joystic to control it directly. Your avatar has been deployed, and support weaponry is operational. Please use the flare to move your troops. Now’s the time to defeat the enemies. Destroy their military HQ or deal more than 50% damage to them to win.

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Keep upgrading your planetary base and eliminate the enemies to secure sector T 505. We will always fight alongside you, commander! Control your hero and command your troops! Use hacks - You can utilize various units and defense facilities! Join a Clan and cooperate with other players! wOU4sG - materials
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