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Madlands Mobile cheat world: sergeant! How do you hear me? YOu are on the territory of the enemy. If you sit in a bush and do not press on the screen - you are hidden from the enemy. To move, use the joystick on the left side of the screen, and to rotate the camera, swipe on the right side of the screen. You need to neutralize the enemy! Hold your finger on the right side of the screen to kill enemy. Grab the weapon, it would be useful to you. Sergeant, there's no other way but to make a noise. YOu have to blow up these barrels to go further.

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Shoot with the joystic, if there is no enemy, for example to blow up barrels or shoot in the bushes. to shoot - just aim at the enemy and hold your finger on the right side of the screen. We need repairs, our vehicles are heavily damaged after that mess. Let's build a garage - repair vehiclec damaged in combat. Upgrade your garage to increase the size of your repair queue. Now that the garage is built, we can repair our vehicles. Remember, it always takes fewer resources to repair vehicles than it does to build new ones.

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If you are even not sure what to do next, just select the recommended next action button and it will help you out. If we're to make this our home, we need to remove the competition. Let's start with those raiders! Send me in to attack with my jackrabbits. Destory screen we can set up our strategy for an attack. First, add hero to the deployment. Enemy corrosion will deal damage to us until we are able to remove it. Unfortunately, we don't have any way to remove it yet. Good thing we outnumber them, or we might be in trouble.

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Don't forget to repair your damaged vehicles. We'll need more oil in order to keep up. Let's build an oil derrick. This oil derric will produce more oil and provide a certain amount of reserves just in case we are attacked. Repairing what we have isn;t enoug, we'll need to construct a car factory that can manufacture more cars. In case you haven't tried in yet, you can choose where to place your building other than the default spot. Repairing is instant and inexpensive, but to command more vehicles we need to invest these kinds of buildings and build more vehicles.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: now that the car factory is finished, i recommend building a few cars. Search tool - it will help you navigate around the world map and take you to various points of interest. It's time to take our base to the next level - literally. Once we upgrade our headquarters we can improve all our other buildings. Before we proceed any further, you should decide on your appearance. The locals want to create something and they need a point of reference.

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Tutorial (wiki): banshee - flying heroes are typically te damage dealers. They have lower defense but deadlier skills. Chief - truck heroes are typically protectors. They use their skills to soak up damage and to protect their allies. It's a dangerous world out there in the madlands. Even more damgerous if you don't have others giving you a helping hand, or watching your back. An alliance is a group with the shared goal of surviving in the Madlands. Having an alliance has its advantages. Some examples of perks involve having combat bonuses applied to your vehicles and being able to obtain items in a shop not accessible anywhere else. This will allow you to create your own alliance. remember, however, that leading an alliance is a great responsibility.

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