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Mafia Clash of Families cheat world: No wonder it felt shade. Five of his men were planning this more for months. They wanted more. They split city in districts to rule. Plan was to surprise godfather and end his life in his own home. But they wasn't aware of his son. Son who gave his life for father in name of his family. They betrayed us! Grow in power and take back our districts.

Mafia Clash of Families hack

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Welcome home, boss! My name is cheat-on and i will be your personal secretary. You can always find me here. Distric map - we will go to eliminate rival family in dumbo to gain control. Key to a successful attack is the capo placement. When capo deployed he will attack the closest building. By destroying buildings you gain ability points. When you have enough ability points, you can activate capos special ability.

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DOn't forget to collect cash from the business managers. Stars collected during the battle will get you a bonus briefcase. Collect a certain amount of stars (or hack cheats code) and you can then spin the briefcase wheel. We now have enough gold to build construction Co. Building a second construction Co. will let you start two constructions simultaneously.

Mafia Clash of Families wiki
Buildings: resource - build manegers and banks to increase income. Defense - build defense buildings and wells to protect your headquaters. Army and capos - build capo platform and artillery to increase army. To build and upgrade buildings we need cash. Be sure to collect it regularly! Your cash is better protected in the bank. I already see our rivals coming for our cash build the gunner house to protect it.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: traps are a great way to surprise an enemy. Keep your most important buildings behind barriers. Cash packs hold cash that is safe and cannot be stolen while in inventory. Open them to transfer their value to cash storages. Great way to save up for upgrades. Soldier tags can be used to upgrade soldiers to higher levels. Soldier tags can be found in suitcases, bought in store and won from bonus prizes.

Mafia Clash of Families tips

Tutorial Mafia Clash of Families (wiki): speed up items will decrease any remaining building times. Use them on any ongoing building progress to shorten the remaining time by an amount of speed up item. Better weapons give capos more damage output. You can equip weapons in manage capo window. Multiplayer star bonus is a great source for cash and upgrade materials.

Mafia Clash of Families hacked

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