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From now on, all the properties your father left are yours, good luck! Besides, i will introduce Cheat-on to you, he will help you with your daily life. We need to expand our influence. Enter the money and choose your target (reach vip 2 or pass level 3 to unlock auto combat). Then, we need more fighters.

Mafia Rule Underground hack

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You can improve warriors’ attributes: combat - affect warrior’s power; commerce - cashes earned in business; leadership - fighters earned. One’s talent can be improved and changed by learning. Warrior’s powerwill be improved along with the attribute. Your character’s power will greatly affect your total power, if you want to be stronger, keep upgrade them!

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Now you should know where we will spend our money on. Executor - warriors with higher commercial talent can earn more. Business - here is the production per minute, the top limit is 12 hours. Total production - here is your current production, you can claim when you need. You can also use props to get production immediately.
Mafia Rule Underground wiki
Send the required warrior fore the task, you can get extra rewards. Let’s spend some money to finish the mission quickly. We can continue our fight in money. Don’t forget to come back and check the main tasks. Every day you can get some secret missions here, you can get plenty of rewards.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Missions have different grades, SS is the hardest grade, those missions need more time and will give you much more rewards.
  • Secret missions are not easy to complete you need to use the right warrior. Warrior with higher leadership can bring you more fighters.
  • Task based rewards are definitely available, and additional rewards need to meet all labeling requirements to get.

Mafia Rule Underground tips
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I’m a friend from the under world, i have deep connection with your family. Hopes that we could cooperate with each other and finally rule the under world, here are some gifts. You need more money to expand your family. Skill - you have 30% chance to get an extra attack when fighting against other players.
Mafia Rule Underground tutorial

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