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Magatsu Wahrheit How & Where enter cheats
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Game story
It looks like you're in position. We're still investigation the luminance aberration. Make contact with the scouting party for further orders. Control your character freely with the area. Control you character by moving around on the left side of the screen. You may change the view in this area. Control your view by moving around on the right side of the screen. Zoom in or out by pinching or spreading two fingers on the screen.

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Hack Basics
Auto skill is the automated skill of all the weapons being held. There are different types of weapons, using auto skill also acquires AP. Weapon skill is the skill of all weapons being held. AP and recast time are both needed to activate the weapon skill. Recast time is decreased over time. Press and hold the skill button. Identify your enemy's weakness and attributes. Use facilities near the capital. Select the name of the facility to use that facility. You can also use the drop menu bar as a shortcut to go to the desired facility.
When attacking, there will be chances for critical, hit, or miss. Critical hits deal more damage. Miss is an evaded attack and deals no damage. Attacking and hitting multiple times within a time frame creates a combo. The higher the combo, the attack power and obtained soul are both increased. Collaborate with your party to get combos.

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Hint & Tips
1. Aggro is used to determine the enemy's actions. The character targeted by the enemy will be displayed in the aggro value.
2. Awaken is an enhanced status for the party. Activate awaken by collecting a certain amount of soul to fill the awaken bar receive soul from using skills. When awaken is activated, multiple benefits kick in, including status up, AP bar refill and more. Also, awaken period is the total of the character's awaken time combined. Just like the characters, enemies can also awaken.
3. Under enhance, you cna enhance the level of your equipment. The same type of weapons and equipment can be used as enhancement material pr you can use weapon quartz nad other quartz of the matching type instead.
4. Gold booster hack - increase the gold in the battle metal technica developed for mobile corps.

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Gunner - the main unit for combo attack. Connecting combos with a wave of gunfire and get into the awakening state faster. Warrior - the main unit for physical attack. Attacker of specializing in dealing massive damage to the enemy. Wizard - the main unit for special attack. Good at element attack or range attack than physical attack. Knight - the main unit for defense. Specializing in attracting and blocking enemy's attack. Preist - the main unit for recovery. Support the teammate with curing methods like HP recovery or abnormal state recovery. Hunter - the main unit for disturbing. Weaken or impede the enemy so that the battle moves in a favorable direction.

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Go to the exchange shop from the menu. At the exchange shop, exchange for weapon, armor and other equipment or items. trade materials, items, dismantled unwanted equipment, items acquired from quests, or coins from gacha spins. There will also be limited event exchange shops from time to time.
Class skill and weapon skill can both be used during battle. Skills limited to each class can be learned and improved at the soul tree.
Quest across the Warheit continent is suitable for leveling up, or simply enjoy battles in the advent quest. Recruit members or join a party using the party function. Warheit continent quests: explore the area while taking out the Thrall. Advent quest: challenge strong enemies with your party, receive various equipments and other rewards when you clear.
Energy bar is filled when using weapon skills. After energy bar is filled, second buller can be used. Second bullet used between attacks will be counted towards the combo chain.

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Magatsu Wahrheit Guild
Guilds are groups in the mobile corps made up of 50 people or less. After entering a guild, you will received extra EXP or status increase, and other effects limited to guild members. Guild members can receive two types of bonuses, guild passives and guild boostes. the guild leader can apply either bonus, discuss with your guild and select the strategy best suited for your goals. Collect golds for the guild from members' donation to increase the guild rank. Guild members will receive guild points after battles. Collect points to increase the guild's rank and raise the guild's level.

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