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The Efenora forest outskirts are next to the Granos castle town. This will be your first adventure in the Granos kingdom! The savior of magia has arrived! Are you enjoying magia: charma saga? We would love to hear your thoughts! Your opinions help us improve the game even further. Take a short break from saving the world, and be sure to visit the store.

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Characters: Caleera - a volcanic dragon from Vallere who is on a journey to recover her power. Battle mage - pyromancy is this battle mage’s forte. As a dragon, she naturally possesses a sturdy physique and powerful magic that she uses to slash and burn in close quarters combat. Battle feature - drakas: fight with the power of a dragon for a short amount of time. Soul weapon - uro Valar: Calleera’s source of magic fuses with her horns. Absorbs magic, so that it may be used by whosoever wields this weapon.
Aiden Rutelan - he’s the second prince of ancient Rutelan, the lost kingdom of Eir Sirga. Magic swordsman - an amnesiac prince who lost his memories. While his past is a mystery, he has retained his noble swordplay skills. He attacks enemies with a swift, piercing offensive, and specializes in combos. battle feature - style move: consumes stamina to use stylish attacks. Soul weapon - Segirr: the royal sword of Rutelan, left by the noble amnesiac, Aiden. Commonly known as the Segirr of Faith.

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Leta Vinis - a fun loving human magician who travels with Delkram. Spirit Magician - a magician who fights with help from elemental spirits - namely Delkram, the forbidden spirit. mainly uses mid and long range attacks. Battle feature - delkram: the forbidden spirit who always stays by Leta to protect her. Soul Weapon - Nisret: Leta’s pendant, serving as proof of the Narssimel forest’s existence. Delkram’s core is sealed inside.
Morgan - a polite royal knight turned adventurer whom the Fenex have entrusted with their Oracle. Guardian knight - a guardian knight and former member of Granos’ Royal knights. He uses his blessed kite shield to fight with a combination of enhancement and support. Primarily uses heavy attacks. Battle feature - guard: unleash a shield attack. Soul weapon - Granobar: a shield of magic and blessings, bestowed to Morgan by the king of Granos.

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