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The world was first born in a lifeless, chaotic void. A sudden, giant explosion formed the three earliest existences: the great tree, the shadow void and the giant Panjir.
Panjir rejected the call of shadow Void, instead embraced the Great tree and became one with it, forming the world of Gaia.
Panjir’s will formed 3 sage stones which gave birth to 3 ultimate gods. The father God Akasha created gods and deities, as well as the Pantheon, he created various races and creatures based on these gods and deities across the lands of Gaia.

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As the genesis Age ended and the dark age began, shadow void began corrupting the world of Gaia and the terrifying figure of the black dragon enshrouded the land...
Esteemed chosen one, welcome to the world of Gaia! I’m here to receive you by the Oracle’s highest orders, our world is under invasion by the black dragon and evil forces, as the chosen savior of Gaia, you will lead us to triumph over evil.

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The world of Gaia was originally a peaceful and serene land, but then one day a terrifying power suddenly invaded this world, the black dragon Nidhogg ravaged the realms of the world’s different races with its demons, dealing a devastating blow to the world of Gaia.
To deal with this disaster, the world of Gaia selected saviors from various worlds. You are summoned here in hopes that you can lead us to drive out the black dragon and defeat evil! The supreme god has predicted all this and sent me here to assist you.
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The war halberdier is a powerful tank, please deploy him in a front row position where he can draw the enemy’s attacks. The swordsman can take a good deal of damage while also being able to inflict damage upon enemies, place him in a front row position as well, this will allow him to coordinate with the Gold Halberdier.
The Marksman can inflict a substantial amount of ranged damage but she isn’t good at melee combat, please place her begin the war halberdier to keep her safe from melee attacks.

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  • Login for 7 days can get succubus (R squad), purgatory blade (artifact), dragon knight and many basic resources. Join the carnival event to get lots of diamonds and resources! Gaia's best squads can't wait to serve you. Each of them has powerful skills.
  • You've obtained the frost heart artifact, please equip it during formation deployment to use its mighty power in battle.
  • We can head to the squad altar to summon a squad and summon an even stronger squad to join our castle and protect castle.
  • During battle, you must adjust your formation according to the enemy's deployment Assault units can effectively counter enemy spellcaster units, now switch the positions of the Griffin knight and the great swordsman with one another.
  • As an assault unit, our Griffin knight can effectively counter enemy spellcaster units, switch the positions of the Griffin knight with the swordsman to allow for each of them to play to their strengths.

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Hack cheats tutorial Magic and Dragons(wiki): Only with a territory will you have a chance to increase your power and lead the people of Gaia to vanquish evil. Now lets use chapter quests to start construction on our castle. Let’s start from the sawmill, this will allow our castle to restore resource production. Once a quest has been completed, you can claim a reward.
Dungeon - this is the main are where you can explore and develop your soldiers.
Magic and Dragons tutorial

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