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Free hack Magic arena cheats code list - upgrade card, promotion, instant open, promo ticket, pets, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Magic arena cheat world: Lovely Princess and Evil Queen? Which is the true story!? Flip over your imagination, test your wisdom and luck in the battle of tales! Various pets, battle abilities and characters, unlimited team building possibility!

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PvE challenge stages - undying gameplay with multiple challenges! Defeat boss, earn diamonds, summon fantastic beasts. Various pets, battle abilities and characters, unlimited team building possibility! Undying gamplay with mutiple challenges! Defeat boss, earn diamons, summon fantastic beasts!

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How to play - match the same color of piece to summon your pet according to the colors and attack your opponent. When the last pair of pieces is matched, you can cast the main character’s magica art. Pets can be acquired by clearing a certain stage, and gacha machine, design your own lineup. Throw the dice to determine who plays first. Matching a pair of ignited pieces will deal additional burning damage to the opponent.

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Be careful, a powerful attack comes every few turns. The Glasses of true sight allows you to see through the color of some pieces. It’s important to use it wisely. Some pets have special skills that might help you get through the challenges. Reset clock will reset all of the pieces and start playing from the beginning.

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