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Free hack Magic Soul cheats code list - rune, evolve , stamina, promo ticket, kingdom cards, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Magic Soul cheat world: your hero will always be shown at the bottom of the screen while the opponent will be shown at the top. Both hero’s HP are shown on the left of the screen. In each round, the player draws a card at random from the deck and moves it into the preparation zone. There’s a waiting time for each card in the preparation zone. When the number reaches 0, the card can be placed into the battlefield.

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Tap the card to move it into the battlefield. Click attack to begin. Each card has 3 attributes, attack and HP. During combat the card will always attack any card laying directly across from it. If there is a defending card directly across from the attacking card it will take the damage and lose HP> If there is no card, the opponents hero will take the damage.

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Once a card’s HP hits 0, it will be moved into the cemetery. If all of your cards are in the cemetery, or your hero’s HP is 0 you’ve lost the battle. You will be able to use runes in combat. There are many different types of runes. To view it’s details, just tap it. Frost rune - when we have 3 cards in the cemetery it will cast iceball. Deals damage to 1 of the opponent’s cards. There is a 45% chance that card will be stunned for the next round. When you have more than 2 cards in the cemetery, iceball 3 (max 3 times per battle) will be activated.

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