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Free hack Magic vs Power cheats code list - speed up, resources, gold, promo ticket, coupon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Magic vs Power cheat world: far north to the great land Toween at the end of the mountains there is a legendary city - City of Dawn. Although the city of Dawn is remote it is extraordinarily grand and tremendous. The varios races on this great land are gathered here and the prosperous civilization is born here. Within this city the spirit of the heroic battle songs seems to be remembered only by those broken statues. It was a great war, the ancient dark forces invaded the dragon city became the only light of hope.

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The various races of the Toween formed a strong alliance here and defeated the Dark legion from the North. Sunshine brightened the Toween continent once again, however although the light is shiny and warm it also washes away the pain of the war. The stories of these heroes are now the songs of the children and they are slowly forgotten. But the evil never gave up their unspeakable agenda just like the greed in people’s hearts they would never disappear. Prosperity didn’t bring the eternal peace instead it enhanced the greedy hearts of every living beings on this great continent. Soon enough the tension between all races escalated a war is on the verge. But no one thought that the haze of Toween’s war will eventually attract the darkness and evil back to this continent.

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Please choose a location to create a castle: Extreme northern land - here is the most northern part of the mainland, the cold wind is like a knife, and it is cold. However, even in such a harsh environment, the empire’s steel division is still sticking to this. Elf forest - here is the darling of nature, the elves, who are pure, kind, love peace, and hate war. But if someone dares to invade, waiting for tem must be a broken arrow. Hill territory - the mountains are steep and the minerals are rich. The dwarves who like to make and brew have lived here for generations.

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Buildings: The main castle - is the core, the level of any building cannot exceed the main castle. Sawmill, farm - collect resources, often used in construction or training soldiers. Warrior training camp - recruit with strong physical and melee capabilities. The city wall can enhance the stationing troops’ combat stats, and the city defense value limit and stats buff effect could be increased by its upgrading. Military hall - for the formation of troops, it is necessary to give the heroes a good soldier before they can play.

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