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For millennia i have dominated the Multiverse. Countless heroes, gods, and worlds have fallen before me. However, there are an arrogant few that never gave up...Planeswalkers. For all their bravery and talents, they’re little more than playthings. Demonstrating their strengths, revealing their weaknesses. i will uncover their very secret, until i take their power for my own. But first, rest...I have a greater purpose in store for you.

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As you can see, you’ve arrived during the heat of battle. you have traversed the Multiverse, faced countless foes, and arrived to a plane at the heigh of conflict. I’ve prepared a special challenge for you. I’m confident you will impress me. Now, prepare for battle. Destroying the enemy guardian brings victory. Drag cards onto the field to use them.

Magic ManaStrike cheats, hack codes

Chandra nalaar - she uses powerful fire magic. She lacks refinement and subtlety, but is highly effective. Chandra can easily deal with trivial threat. Drag a skill card into play to use a skill. Skills can only be used once. A rather strong creature is protecting the enemy’s guardian. There’s no need to worry, as it seems everything is in your favor. Summon a unit to support Chandra. You can summon creatures around an allied planeswalker anywhere on the battlefield. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of planeswalkers. Master their use and you will master the battlefield.
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Haunted guardian - melee attack enemy ground units. Reiver Demon - flies in the air and melee AoE attacks both ground and air enemies. Allied units within range are sacrificed when summoned. Planeswalker is excluded. The summoned unit becomes more powerful as more allies are sacrificed. The best pact with demons are the ones never forged.
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