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. Android game Magic Rush cheat hack code - udiamond wishing pool, unlimited food stamina, sweep tickets, runes, soulstones, skill points, gold coins (New York, Unated state).

Dear players, welcome to this totally magical game! For a better gaming experience, the game will be having cheat codes. During hack, the server may be unstable or may experience loss of connectivity, so please be patient for a few minutes. After hack is completed, players can go to their mailbox and claim some rewards ( gold, experience, diamonds). Increased outrup of experience frow sweeping. Raised the alliance member limit. Improved the promt for unlocking equipment. Adjusted the weekend proving grounds refresh problem. This is how wars get started. It takes two people to guard the crystal. Seems like a real pain...We have to catch the Death rider. He's left a lot of hero spirit fragments on the road. Let's collect these fragments and resurrect the heroes.

Magic Rush cheats android, ios hack codes

Magic Rush –  hack codes
Salman – mid row mage, magic basic attack. As he gains battle experience, his skill casting speed gets faster. Seeley – front row tank, physical basic attack. Has gap closing ability within a small area and can reduce the whole troop's hit rate. Auria – suppert hero. Magic basic attack. Summons wind to blow enemies into the air and can restore the whole troop's health and speed them up. When heroes energy is full, you can cast their ultimate skill. Rain of arrows – firest 7 arrows, dealing physical damage to each target hit.

Magic Rush - secret code hack tips

Magic Rush –  cheats secret bug
Battle mixture (for active use) – increases a hero's armor and health regen. Watson – back row marksman, magic basic attack. Even his basic attack can blow up a crowd of enemies. Lightning bomb – unleash a magic orb, dealing great magic damage. Archer creaves – marksman speed up – increases a hero's casting speed. Shield bash – a shield slam, dealing damage and stunning the target. member to equip runes right after you get them.

how to enter hack cheats Magic Rush.

1. qTr9aObkII – diamond wishing pool
2. PazXtblS2L – unlimited stamina
3. Xj9iXBcAhC – sweep tickets
4. MqanWL77Oy - runes
5. Rdn2sjP5w3 – gold coins
6. sP63Yx1VLz - soulstones
7. xq6zyzWF5V – skill points

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