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NEs21v - materials
LG0wpK - gold coins
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gPziHy - gear
dbPYx6 - secret mode code
y4UqhX - luxury bag
JwWwwf - free coupons
pVpUup - gem pack
k4kMLv - attribution points
29QKC1 - fixed bug
OrTeky - evolve hack
3SClDK - gift code 2020
Before the adventure, you still need to get prepared, or you can’t venture long. So, pick a weapon you like, select a newbie weapon as your first ability. Remember, the key to victory is to use your skills wisely. You can get practice points when using skills. With enough points, you can use AP points to upgrade your skills. After eating, your ability will be improved for a while. You can make higher level cooking by upgrading your cooking skills. Using your cooking skills wisely can make your battles easier.

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If you don’t like the color of your clothes, you can try to dye them. You can use the dyeing items in your backpack, or directly dye the clothes in your closet. The cheat scroll makes a Milesian’s adventure in Erinn more convenient. It contains the magic power of the moonlight portal and can teleport the users to anywhere they want. You can choose different identities in Erinn. Different identities can make different items.

Mabinogi Fantasy Life cheats, hack codes

1. HlsVpA - level up
2. FkU53c - voucher
3. SfgZTF - shard
4. 2t4z7p - artifact
5. pSA7XL - characters

Character tier list (classes):
Magic - the magician that excels at elemental magic and is able to unleash AoE strikes. He can deal great damage in a short time.
Melee - courageous and brave, good at infiltrating deep in enemy line to raid. Can take control of the situation when surrounded. Warrior can deal with any kind of challenges in any situations.
Archery - uses rapid range attack to defeat enemy like a storm. It has the special trait that the enemy cannot get closed easily.
Music - they are wandering around the world, chanting about time. They play those strings and sing each note to bring the honest blessings and temporary tranquillity to people.
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Alchemy - combining different elements to get diversified effects they are scholars, also warriors.
Tank - they own the strongest will and the toughest body. They have mastered the skill of combo and rapid dodge. Their bodies are their strongest weapons.
Sniper - infuse your bullets with magic power. Aim! Shoot! Everything in your sight should be your target.
ninja - they have signed a pact with the puppets. They will use their perfect skills to provide life and power to these lifeless objects. If you wish to defeat them, you need to defeat their most loyal partners first.

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Hack cheats tutorial Mabinogi Fantasy Life (wiki):
Skills: magnum shot - knocks back the target, the knock back can break the charging, and deals 250 points of damage.
Cooking skill - tasting all kinds of delicacies is a great icy in life. The world will be much less interesting without those delicious food. Cooking brings hope and joy in life. It makes life fantastic! Traveling around the world to find delicacies and learn how to hack them has so much fun! This code book will bring great pleasure to food livers.
Basic cuisines are edible, otherwise they won’t be called the cuisine. A good cuisine not only tastes good, it also offers attribute bonus, like STR bonus. Then how to make such cuisines? A cuisine is made by cooking mixed ingredients. YOu need to take advantage of each ingrediet’s benefits and mix them properly to bake, fry, boil or make delicious dishes. To make delicacies, you need cheat cooking skills, THe higher skill level, the more cooking methods.
Cooking basics codes, ingredients and recipes: reading alone won’t help, you need to practice. Speaking of practice, most newbie cooks find it difficult to find ingredients and recipes. This codes book will tell you how to hack them. How to get ingredients: crops (wheat, corns, etc): harvest in farmlands near the city. Fish: get from fishing. Seasoning: buy in NPC shop, farm products (eggs, milk, etc): get from animals. pQIOSi - stamina
wxaaEF - hero awakening
A9sbej - attribution points
Jmmcyq - evolve
d9ic8D - upgrade rune
cVIkJW - level up character
EyGlpH - enhance equipment
How to get recipes, the known methods are:
1) Unlock by upgrading cooking level.
2) Get by following NPC instructions in quest.
3) Ask other Milesians.
4) Use hack cheats codes.
Of course there are other methods to get recipes. Experienced milesians will keep trying to find new recipes and gradually refine their recipe collection. Reaching the 5 star cooking level is a meaningful thing. Besides, the bookstore manager Aeira is Dunbarton is thinking about ordering some recipe books which contain all ready recipes for new cooks to learn. YOu may go check the bookstore when you have time. After all, the fun part about cooking is the process of trying and exploring. how and where enter
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