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Assassin – swift movement. With phantom step's merciless hunt, is Luo Sha who control life and death. Warrior – damage dealer. Violent sword, sturdy armor, is perfect existence of attack and defense. Mage – ranged AOE. Proficient in frost and thunder technique, is messenger of the god. Hello, commander! I,m cheat-on and i'll be your guide here in Majestia. I'm in charge of providing the battle tutorial for beginners. You'll be able to learn the basics of the battle through the battle tutorial. Let's talk about summoning soldiers and operating battles. Cards can be summoned on your headquarter. Each card has required amount of resources and the resources will be deducted the card is used. You can use cards as long as you have enough resources.

Majestia soul cheats android, ios hack codes

Majestia –  hack codes
You need to make room at the headquarter to summon. All summoned soldiers can move once and attack once during my turn. The movement mark is gone since the soldier moved. All soldiers that can attack will be shown. The attack mark will also disappear after an attack. The attack and counterattack will occur all at once during the battle. The branch will distinguish the battle method and trait of each soldiers. Archers are able to attack diagonally for advanced attacks. You inflicted 25% bonus damage on the archers since the riders moved first before they attacked. Make sure to move the riders before they attack to maximize their attack power. The attack power of the spearmen will be increased when they counterattack.

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Majestia –  cheats secret bug
Vip 8 can challenge 1 more time of tower dungeon daily. Skills that are activated when summoned or defeated can be equipped only one at a time. Make sure to place the spearmen at important bases to induce the enemies to attack first. Let's take a look at the branch activation which will require you to combine soldiers and heroes to expand the battle trait. You can activate the unique trait by combining soldiers and heroes of the same branch. It's very simple. You just need to summon a hero of the same branch on top of the soldiers. The order doesn't matter so you can also summon soldiers on top of a hero. The confuse effect that's activated on the soldiers will be removed when you activate the branch. The confuse effect will be removed when you summon a hero on top of where soldiers are summoned.

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1. su0Ks2AxVz – soul chalice
2. vtACgc7cRa – unlimited resources
3. pzULKkqgvF - stones
4. dAYg5yqWyP – soul time
5. x32T6nWitG - gold
6. cdfa6Zghit – crystal gems
7. kZOHXTiAbq – level up

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