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With Gods’ blessing gone the beings from underneath the Abyss emerged onto this great continent. The young heroes rose up in arms defeated all the demons and sealed the abyss for good. Together, they built a sacred kingdom of Aurora. Good things don’t last the once sacred kingdom is now falling apart. Once again, this great continent falls in the darkness. The young general returns to defend the kingdom. Is this salvation?

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Break through the enemy’s blockade and save the castle. Some war resources were left by the road. Now that the castle is at stake and in short of supply, you can pick up those resources and use them. The path to the castle has been occupied by the Undead. We have to confront them. I believe some soldiers are still defending the castle. The only way to win is to fight together! Sentries are brave warriors, now they are at your command.

Majesty & Conquest cheats, hack codes

Experience books - we can use them to level up heroes! Hero shards - we can use them to strengthem character power! Enhancing a hero can increase the army capacity! The longbowmen are not strong as the sentries, but they can deal more damage to the enemies. They should be deployed in the back row. Reme,ber, the battle skills will be released automatically! Many buildings in the city were destroyed. Upgrade the castle to reconstruct those buildings.
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The castle is the core of the city. And it’s been severely damaged in the previous battle. Let’s repair the castle first. It doesn’t take long to repair. Let’s round up all the help we can get to get it doen quickly. The academy of honor has been unlocked! This will help to restore the empire! The academy of honor has the leading academics in observing the star. The scholars can get inspirations from the stars and use them in developing the kingdom. It requires reason essence to light up the law map. It takes time and resources to refine the essence. Use 4 kinds of basic resources to make the reason essence.

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Soldiers: Sentries - are the guards of the castle, powerful threats to their enemies. They can hit targets fifty yards away and kill them instantly.
Longbowmen -are the best in archers. Archery is their lifetime passion.
Cavalries - are fearless warriors who will fight the enemies until their last breath. how and where enter

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