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Mana Monsters cheat world: moon gems, here i come! But careful! There might be hungry human eating monsters down there. hey there, little egg! I wonder what you're hiding in there. This cave was off limits for a reason! Now, do exactly as i say. First tap the highlighted column, to collect a gem. Now, tap second column to collect another., and finally, tap the last column to drop gems.

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Go ahead and collect and drop gems until your enemy is defeated. I see you've gained a few new friends. Let's go to your monster collection and create a team. First, tap the second monster's portrait. Next tap "use". Finally tap the second monster slot, perfect! Then try out your new team! Tap on the highlighted location. Careful, wild monster is an opposing element and this means its attacks will be more effective.

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There are 3 main elements: fire, water and earth. Tap the highlighted portrait below to swap rockie for a more effective montser. Perfect, remember, you can only swap monsters in and out before you begin moving gems. Go to achievements screen to collect your reward: clear all the nodes in the crystal caves; spend the following amount of mana gems; play the claw game the following amount of times.

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Try playing the claw game after discovering new areas. You might find new monsters that you've never seen before. Each day you'll be able to play the daily gacha for free. If you win a simple monster in the claw game, why not use him in fusion. Simple monsters are worth so much more experience.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:Its time to learn about monster special attacks - tap the highlighted column to use it. Face plant - the monster slam into the opponent, dealing damage. Spinning slam - the monster jumps and crashes into the opponent, dealing damage. Directed strike - your hero gain this bonus when this monster is the leader - +5% ATK.
Some monsters will be perfect for fusion. It's completely harmless and a great way to boost the power of your monster team.

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Tutorial (wiki): fuse using the same element for even more experience. Let's go to the collection interface now. Let's begin by boosting your team leader. First, tap the team leader. Now, tap the fuse button. We need to add 3 of the monsters below. For each monster below tpa the monster's image, then tap "use". Finally, tap the fuse button.

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