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Hi, i’m cheat-on, your trainer from the Lion school of magic. I’ll help you get ready for battle. See blue spheres? Those are mana, move the joystick and collect them. Mana is expend when using spells and requires time to be restored. Use the spell by tapping the icon and dragging it to aim.
Who planted an explosive in the dummy? You need to be healed fast. Use the healing pulse to restore your health.

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As you can see, the spell you used has been replaced with a new one. This icon shows your next spell. It will replace the one you used. And here’s the culprit who caused the explosion. He was trying to set you up! To add the spell to your deck, tap the use button. Select a free slot to add a spell to it.

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Now there will be much more enemies. To pass this stage, you have to stay alive. Look, a rune has appeared! Capture the rune before your opponents do it. You have been blocked from capturing the rune! Push your enemies out of the capture zone to get the rune!
You got the rage effect. It doubles your damage! Watch the timer. It will show you how much time is left before the manastorm starts.
Manastorm Arena of Legends wiki

To become the strongest mage, you’ll need more new spells.
Skills: fireball - deals damage and knocks the target back.
Incinerate - unleashes a cone of fire that deals damage and knocks back opponents in the affected area.
Lightning bolts - strikes the target with three lightning bolts. Each hit slows your opponent down and deals mixed damage.
Protective barrier - applies a defensive sphere that blocks incoming damage and removes debuffs.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • No sunscreen will help you protect yourself against the Ray of destruction.
  • Upgrade the spell to become stronger.
  • Over time, the manastorm will shrink towards the center, leaving less space.
  • Character customization - be a unique champion - customize your weapons and character skins.
  • Add friends by sending a request via the match results window or their profile!

Manastorm Arena of Legends tips
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Quests: dominance - destroy 4 enemies. Path of the master - take the first, second, or third places in Showdown mode 4 times. Cheap and fast - play cards that cost 4 mana or less 165 times. Royal tome - collect quest tokens to get a reward.
Manastorm Arena of Legends tutorial

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