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Lets start by playing a quick game. You define how many points you want to play for. There are three difficulties. Medium and hard have more segments on the board and reaching the portals is a bigger challenge. Let's go and select how many opponents you would like to play against. Lets unlock our first character fire. You can unlock more characters to play with later.

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hack Mandala Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Let's start with Amerkeeri. He has a high score value. Which means you score allot of XP points for scoring a point in the game. You can unlock more pawns later. Let's go with fire for now. Each player on the board has a unique pawn.

cheat Step #2: Score points by getting your pawn to the centre and entering any portal or moving a oponent pawn in your path and sniping them. Select the red dice to enable your controls. The arrows on the right controls the inner ring. The arrows on the left control the outer rings.

code Step #3:You need to move the rings until the dice is 0. Onto the next dice with a value greater than 0. You can move one direction. But you can change your mind and go the other direction. Until your dice is at 0. Then select the next colour dice. And move the last piece to clear your path.

Mandala Step #4: Now press go. All your pawns will move forward if they can. Sit back and watch your oponent play.

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    A classic boardgame remade. Score points and beat the bots. Tons of characters to unlock. Unlock pawns to use. Master the rings quickly.
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