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Game mechanics: press or hold RT to bite, tap bite repeatedly to consume. You can use tailwhip to knockback and stun targets. Swim to the surface at normal speed to enter knifing. Knifing allow you to skim the surface of the water and stalk your prey. You can jump into the air from the knifing position to reach enemies above water. You can gain a burst of speed by lunging towards your target. Hold lunge to maintain maximum speed. You can reach higher places like boat decks using AIR lunge. Lunge out of the water and bite humans off of boats. Press LT cheats codes while in air for a second boost.

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Targeting laser - armed humans will track you with laser sights. When targeted, use evade before they have lock on to break their aim and avoid getting hit. You can use focus threat to focus on nearby enemies. Press RS hack tool while above water and hostile boats will be prioritized. THe grotto - save, fast travel, upgrade and crow in your safe haven. Equip your new advanced sonar evolution - this evolution improves the range, cooldown, and sensitivity of your sonar ability.

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Nutrients are resources gained by eating wildlife humans, destroying boats, and completing quests. Nutrients increase your level, and upgrade your evolutions. Evolutions are mutations that grant you amazing powers, such as bone armor, position glands, or bio-electric organs. You earn evolutions by gaining infamy ranks, completing landmarks quests, and killing apex predators. To equip evolutions, return to the grotto and use cheats codes. You can spend nutrients to upgrade your evolutions.
Wildlive can be hostile, evade to dodge their attacks. When you see the wildlife glow they are vulnerable attack while they are vulnerable to stun them.
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If you are the same size or larger than combative wildlife, when they are vulnerable, you can thrash them to maintain control. Hold RT hack tool with an object in your mouth then wiggle to thrash. You can use focus threat to focus on nearby enemies. Press RS while underwater and hostile wildlife and divers will be prioritized. Crawfish bay - caches of beneficial nutrients hidden throughout the coastla area can help you evolve into the ultimate apex predator. Kill elite animal and human threats to earn rewards. Completing story quests unlocks alike side quests.

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