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Tennis was very popular in the kingdom of Bask. The ruin walls are filled with paintings of people playing. Among those wall paintings is one that’s very strange, to say the least. It’s of a spooky racket floating in the sky with people bowing down before it. It almost looks like the racket is controlling them...For now, maybe we can find out more at bask ruins.

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You can also complete in free play or swing mode if you press -/+ to return to the main menu. This will cause your game progress to autosave. You should know that Bask ruins can only be entered by those who can play tennis. I see you have proper tennis attire, but that’s no guarantee you can actually play. I’ll go ahead and teach you the basics of tennis before the match. It’s only fair, since i’m basically a pro player.

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We’ll start with a nice serve. First, give the ball a toss. After tossing it, hit the ball while it’s in the air to serve. Hit the ball when it reaches the highest point of the toss for a nice serve. Now try hitting back your opponent’s shot - that’s called a return. Don’t forget to let the ball bounce once before returning a serve!
It’s against the rules to return a serve without letting it bounce. Do that and your opponent will get the point.
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After the serve, you and your opponent will hit the ball back and forth and try to score points. Of course, just hitting the ball to and from with serve won’t score you any points. YOu’ll need a bit of strategy if you want to win. To start, aim at a spot far from your opponent. Move left or right to send the ball flying to the edges of the court. If you want more speed, try using a powerful shot. Press “>” twice to hit the ball harder than ususal for a much faster shot.

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  • To hit a ball faster still, use a charge shot. Press ">" before the ball arrives to build power before hitting the ball. If you near the ball as you're charging, you'll automatically swing and hit it.
  • Your rivals will also try to send powerful shots to the left or right sides of the court. Try to return to the center after you hit a ball so that you have a good shot at successfully returning.
  • Use the different shots you know of to solve the mystery and open the gate of trials.
  • In order to use the special shot, you must first master a new power called the zone shot.
  • If you jump high at a star point, you'll be able to hit the ball to various spots on the court.
  • An opponent whose last racket breaks from excessive damage will be unable to continue, which means they will lose the match.

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Perfect the zone shot, and the way you approach the glorious game of tennis will be forever changed. That is no exaggeration - merely fact.
If you think of a zone shot as an attack technique, there is also a defensive technique that can counter it.
It's called zone speed, and it sharpens your focus to the extreme, seemingly slowing the flow of the time so that you can easily chase down the ball. When your opponent sends a ball flying, allow all distractions to mel away. Get in the zone!
Zone speed is a great way to catch up to the ball. And don't worry - using it won't reduce the power of your zone shot.
It’s aslo advisable to work on your block timing so you can protect your racket from your opponent’s zone shots.
Mario Tennis Aces tutorial

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In order to hit a zone shot or use zone speed, you’ll need to store up some energy. Zone shots and speed are quite taxing, so your energy must be at least a third full in order to use these moves. To pull off such powerful moves, you’ll need to find ways to increase your energy. Your energy will increase gradually as you continue rallies and pull of charge shots. There’s also an incredibly powerful move called a max charge shot that will build up your energy even more.
Mario Tennis Aces tips to repair
One really effective way of increasing your energy is with a trick shot. A trick shot makes use of your own particular skill set to help you reach balls that are far away. You can up your own enthusiasm or that of the crowd by making your opponent think they have the advantage and then easily returning the ball. You should know that trick shots are risky, though. If your timing is off, you’ll end up losing energy instead of earning it. It’s all about timing. how and where enter
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