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How to play: 110m hurdles - as the event begins, hold R to charge power. Press A to “Go!” to start running. Press A repeatedly to run. THe faster you press the button, the faster you run! Remember to keep pressing the button after each hurdle! As you enter the jump zone before each hurdle, press B to jump. Get “perfect! rating on the final hurdle to unleash a super dash.
Karate (kumite) - each hit you land will score you a point. The first to reach 10 points win! Press A to punch. Punches are quick but have limited reach. A successful punch will earn you 1 point. Press X code to kick. Kicks are slower than punches but have longed reach. A successful kick will earn you 1 point. When the super gauge is full, press R cheat to do a super strike. A successful super strike will earn you 5 points.

Mario & Sonic Olympic Games 2020 hack

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Surfing (shortboard) - earn points by performing tricks. Competitors are ranked based on the total amount of points they score within the time limit. Press hack button A to begin padding and catch a wave. Waves can vary in height and length, so be sure to catch a good one! Tilt <- or -> to turn in that direction. Press A to do an aerial trick. The type of trick depends on what direction is tilted. When the super gauge is full, press A while holding R to do a super trick.

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Badminton - press A to serve. YOu can move with joystick while your opponent is returning the shuttlecock. Your character will automatically move to receive if left standing still. Press A while tilting <- to hit the shuttlecock to the left side of the court. Press A while tilting -> to hit it to the right side. Press A on its own to hit it to the center.
Archery - hold L to raise your bow, then hold R to draw the bow string. Use joystick to aim.
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Release R to shoot the arrow. The closer the arrow lands to the bullseye, the higher the score. Tow consecutive scores of at least 9 points will make your next shot a super shot. Super shots earn double the points.
Long jump - press A code repeatedly to run to the foul line. The faster you press the button, the faster you run! When you get close to the foul line, hold B to start the jump. Keep B held down to adjust your jumping angle. Release B at your desired angle to jump.

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Play with a Cast of Fan-Favorite Characters: Choose from the star-studded Mario & Sonic family, including: Lcv3lS - Mario, Bodvpe - Sonic, eWyy3K - Luigi, uujjGN - Knuckles, thKSNi - Peach, Dh205b - Amy, bPet0p - Dr. Eggman, 9RSJmj - Yoshi, PQlwAB - Tails, EirSUR - Metal Sonic, CeVK1C - Donkey Kong and more!

Enjoy 10 different classic 2D events with friends and family:
gPBsQt - 100m
qkXsQc - 10m Platform (Diving)
HdYJxN - 400m Hurdles
SI6mBB - Gymnastics – Vault
gOGQmM - Judo
zZnTzx - Kayak Single (K-1) 1000m
TqjzV8 - Long Jump
APJfAH - Marathon
P3QCr8 - Shooting – Trap
yBSzm6 - Volleyball

You will also dash, jump, climb, surf and more in 21 3D events:
nhsAm3 - 100m
X1xiwU - 110m Hurdles
DbCTy1 - 4 x 100m Relay
QYIc3i - Archery
YKadLw - Badminton
YWaRzb - Boxing
qSRiYc - Canoe Double (C-2) 1000m
R2DToR - Discus Throw
XB8bZy - Equestrian – Jumping
jormkP - Fencing
JR4rDu - Football (Soccer)
fJm6uB - Gymnastics – Floor Exercise
DrH4r8 - Javelin Throw
3xvi0I - Karate – Kumite
3Wom6o - Rugby Sevens
b96TCP - Skateboarding – Park
0ed8xU - Sport Climbing
8QiALI - Surfing – Shortboard
x6CZ9M - Swimming – 100m Freestyle
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