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Hello, i am Cheat-on, your technical engineering device. I’ll advise you on all further steps on mars. First steps: here on Mars, it’s all about Terrapoints. The more you have the more fame you will have. To get to terrapoints you’ll need to supply colonies with resources. YOu are starting in colony Newton. Please select the resource you want to transport. Deliver the resource now to where it is needed and where you get a good price. And now your transporter is on its way. The transporter will repeat this route permanently with an estimated profit of 7M/hour.

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This transporter delivers primary resources to a colony, you will also earn terrapoints. YOur hangar is not fully upgraded! It determines the maximum number of your transporters. Use your mars dollars to upgrade it as soon as possible. The hangar is one of many buildings that exclusively belong to you. Click on it to learn more. When the building is upgraded to the next level, you will be able to use an additional transporter. Hack one as soon as you can and start earning marsdollar. First open your cheat code list. This is the best overview to manage your transporters. Very nice, your fleet is growing. The new transporter is now waiting for a task in your home colony.

Mars Tomorrow cheats, hack codes

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Now we will give the transporter an order to deliver resources to colony Newton. Click on the colony. Here you can see the resources that are needed by the colony to grow. It would be best to transport resource Hydraulic parts, so please select it. Current deliveries - this list shows which players have delivered the more resources cheat codes and how many terrapoints they will receive at the end of the period. To transport resources, select the transport button. The pickup options are listed to the left, the expected profit per hour to the right. Any transporter without a mission is pre selected. great, the transporter will repeat this route over and over with each delivery earning you marsdollars.
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Another source of revenue for marsdollar is the cryptominer or hack. generates dollars which need to be collected. The pick up intervals is configurable. Pick it up as often as possible. This can be done by another player for you, but will always go to you! Investments into safe upgrades will increase the maximum amount of cash you can hold. Soon you will have a significant higher balance limit. If you like, you can shorten the build time with some tritium cheat code. Gat a job: you don not have a delivery order. YOu should look for one to bring in some more income.If you don’t like job, you can get another later. You now have a delivery order and must supply an outpost or colony with specific resources. Click on a resource to quickly find transporters for it. Now all you have to do is choose a transporter to bring this resource to its destination.

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Drone control - drone control allows you to own drones. In addition, building and firefighting drones can be very helpful in the early stages.
You can see the most important information about your transporter. In addition to his current transport mission you can see his stats: capacity (maximum load in tons), speed (movement speed on mars), reliability (higher reliability means less wear), efficiency (lowers your loading time). Of special note is also the current condition of the transporter, this affects the speed. With a condition of 50%, the transporter is moving only as 50% of full speed. Shortcuts cheats codes while selecting a transporter: T - turbo mode, R - repair. For a fixed price, the transporter can be repaired to 100%. If you need to deliver faster, it can be activated into turbo mode. it will move 50% faster, but it also overheats and breaks dow faster. 1-2 slots for plug-ins also provide a way to improve the transporter. If you replace a transporter, the active cooling of the replaced transporter is taken over.
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