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Greetings, rookie! This is S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Cheat-on. Nick Fury thinks you might have what it takes to create your own epic marvel hero tales. I think he’s wrong, either way: welcome orientation training. You can also toggle the joystick to move, just tap the joystick button to turn it on. Now tap and hold anywhere on the left side of the screen to move around. In each situation, simply describe what you want to do.

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Tap on the Objectives button to see what you will need to do to complete this encounter and obtain all the story points. Tap the button again to hide your objectives. This counter shows how many turns you have remaining to complete your objective. If you run out of turns, you will fail. Don’t worry though, you can always come back and try again. A true super hero never gives up!

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Ok, here we go, rookie, you might want to pay attention now because things are about to get serious. Let’s start by selecting the thief, then tap and drag him to the blue noun box.
Great! Now let’s decide what you want to do to the thief. Select Grasp and drag it to the green verb box.
Perfect! now we know we want to grasp the thief, we just need to describe how we want to do it. Select any one of these adverbs and drag it to the red adverb box.
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Marvel hero tales is all about using the power of words to tell your own story, so we need to check you mean what you say! Drag your chosen words onto their correct meaning to complete your action. If you run out of time, the action will fail, get ready...I have to admit, rookie, you did pretty well there. Head on over to the new location i just uploaded to your map and we’ll complete your training.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You've picked up your first comic token! Tap on the comic token button to use it and unlock a new power word.
  • Evolve your power with language and unlock new power words here! With new words comes new powers, and responsibility, use them wisely, hero!
  • Pick the "strength" category to see what power words it has (budge, seize). Tap on the power word "seize" and drag to its meaning.
  • Tap the "my power words" button to see the awesome power words you've collected.
  • Your surroundings can be a big help. Look out for anything highlighted and use it to your advantage! Let's try throwing that trash can at the mercenary. Don't worry, it's only a SHIELD agent in disguise.

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  • Completing events will unlock important parts of the story! Read the finished adventure in my comics.
  • Subscriber benefits - there are loads of locations, issues, heroes and villains coming up, so your child’s stories will continue to grow and grow - the only limitation is imagination!
  • Game has helped child to discover a love of reading and crafting stories. he’s starting to use and understand words much sooner than expected and he’s having a great time doing it.
  • Using a vocabulary list based on US and UK reading grades, your child will progress through Marvel hero tales, learning all of the way. With new words and content added regularly, the learning doesn’t stop.

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