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Welcome to new android game. Let me teach you some basic controls. The multiverse is in jeopardy, and our planet is about to collide with another planet from a parallel universe! We improve you. Lend us your power and rise up! Fight alongside other heroes and save our world! Controls: press and hold the joystick on the left wheel and move it to make the hero go to the specified location.

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The area where you issue movement instructions is on the left. Move the hero around by pressing and holding down on the area with your finger and then dragging it. Attack: tap the ability button on the right to get the hero to use a basic attack or an ability. Basic attacks can be used continuously. The position of your attack target will change constantly during combat. Try chasing down a target to deliver the K.O.

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Lastly, let’s have a look at how to use abilities. Use them to attack your opponent as instructed. Press and hold the ability for a short time to view its detailed description. If you change your mind about an ability, you can cancel it by pressing, holding, and dragging the ability to the specified location. Hold the ability and drag onto the cancel button to cancel casting.
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Skills: Dark fear - cloak flies over and creates a dark energy field in the specified area for 2 seconds. Any enemies caught within this field will take energy damage and enemy heroes will be silenced. Enemy heroes still within the field when it dissipates will be imprisoned.
Darkforce Dimension - cloak flies over and takes the specified friendly hero into the darkforce Dimension and then their base after 2 seconds, leaving only a portal where they were standing, and fully restoring the hero’s HP. The hero will come back through this portal to where they originally were.
Light Daggers - dagger hurls light daggers in the specified direction, dealing energy damage to enemies in the path and slowing them by 20%. If a dagger hits an enemy hero, she will receive on lifepower. Dagger can collect up to 3 lifepowers at once.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • During the event, participate in battles or complete specified quests to receive star credit.
  • Hero class: fighter, energy, marksmen, assassin, tank and support.
  • Communications is the key to victory. Please abide by good battle etiquette.
  • Team up with your mates. Simple controls - it's your time to shine. Fair combat, balanced gameplay. Heroes clash: realtime 5 us 5 arena.

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  • Captain marvel - use meteor shuttle's two phase blink to quickly jump in or out of battle. Get close and use nove burst to slow your enemy, and use flash strike to dish out high damage. You ultimate ability Photon punch can increase Captain Marvel's damage and can be used to release Dualstar pulse to shut down enemies.
  • All heroes: Black widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Cloak&Dagger, Storm, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, Vision, Black Panther, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Mov, Black Dwarf, Loki, Executioner, Iceman, Angel, Magneto, Deadpool, Star lord, Mantis, Mister Fantastic.
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