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yqAq4b - gold coins
YvjxgJ - gift box: Scarlet witch, Vision, Hulk, Ultron, etc
2qfWu9 - equipment: quad blasters, cap's shield, nanotechnology symbiote, locator pendant, stormbreaker, Yondu's arrow, etc.
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I know, you’re eager to get started. But first, let’s check out the check out the basics. You need practice - and it just so happens we’ve got some volunteers. Drag heroes to attack. Character’s power - when a hero took damage, its power will decrease. When you’re done, tap the end turn button to end your turn. When the turn ends, all damage a hero took will be removed. When two units with the same power combat, they will defeat each other.

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Summon characters onto the battlefield by playing character cards or use cheat codes. You can only normal summon one character onto the battlefield each turn. You can only attack opponent super hero if he/she controls no units. Looks like you’ve acquired some new cards. It’s not our turn, but big fella doesn’t want to attack. Let’s take this opportunity to check out the cards we just obtained. Card type: equipment, character and ability. You can tell the card type of each card by the icon in its top left corner.

MARVEL Duel cheats, hack codes

Each attack cost 1 action points. You get 3 action points per turn. Once you’ve summoned a hero you can immediately use it to attack. You can only normal summon once per turn. An equipment card - equip your army of Asgard with this so they can deal with that frost beast. Each character can be equipped with 1 gear or weapon. Use equipments to strengthen your heroes. An ability card - it’s perfect for knocking out your opponent’s defenses.
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Select a target and drag the ability card towards it to immediately activate its effect. It’s time to let your super hero help out. This is a high energy level character. But if you want to summon her, you’ll need some help from the characters on your battlefield. The number in the top left corner of a unit card indicates their energy level. Absorb characters with lower energy level to summon a high energy level soldier. To normal summon an an energy level 2 hero, you need to absorb an energy level 1 character.

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7 YzD5cl month card
8 jqEvGd premium pack
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Trap cards’ effects activate once their conditions are met. Some characters can be summoned onto the battlefield through a method other than normal summoning. This method is called support summon. Support summons can be performed once the requirements are met. There’s no limit to the number of times you can support summon. Support summoning means summoning a character through skills, etc. There’s no limit to the number of time you can support summon. 7ftjuN - supply box
hYHKA2 - treasure chest
b7vL08 - multiplayer
PpGZOE - vip status
qSLUXY - star tokens
Hack 8BkIz3 - artifacts
Cheat FT6Ea4 - evade
Qx2sBr - elite ticket
6bYWUS - exchange cheat code

You can also support summon a character using an ability card. general pack - chance to obtain the following legendary and epic cards from this pack. Each hack pack contains 6 cards. There will be at least 1 epic or higher rarity card in every 4 packs. You will always receive the high rarity card you have the lowest copies, util you have at least 3 copies of all high rarity cards. how and where enter

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