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What used to be one of japan’s busiest cities has disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Today, where the city used to reside is now a huge crater as deep and dark as the abyss, adorned with the most outlandish of environments. Among them is an unusual tower, so to speak, that points towards the white moon above the skies. The people who thrived in that city are now monitored by creatures known as “marchens” who unduly tortures the people day in and day out. Time has passed to where the name of the city is lost. Now, people there refer to this living hell as...the unescapable living prison - jail.

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Basics: win battles by defeating all enemies. The battle ends of everyone in your party is KO’d. If everyone in your party loses all their HP, the game ends. The turn order is determined by the character’s agility, from highest to lowest. The higher the AGI, the faster they move. Keep your mind on whose turn will come, and turn the tides of battle! Otsuu has 5 different commands: attack, skill, defend, item, and escape. “Attack” conducts normal attacks. “Skill” conducts special attacks that consume SP. “Defend” reduces damage from enemies, and “escape may let you escape from battle.

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Blood crystals are crucial in making the blood maidens stronger! You can gain experience, blood crystals, items, or weapons when you win battles. There are various treasures and collection points within a dungeon where you can obtain items. Mini map: information on areas you’re traversed is displayed. Party window - HP, SP. and other information are displayed. There are also various gimmicks, such as levers to open portals, and perilous traps. Areas traversed are shown in the mini map towards the left. Press the left stick to swap the map size. Press the Y button then down button to access the map details.
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You can access auto-pilot in the map details by selecting the location you wish to move to. You can even use auto-pilot across different floors.
One of the most basic things to remember during battle is to attack enemy weak points. There are 4 elements, each with their own weakness: fire> air> earth > water> fire. Attacking an ene,y’s weak point not only increases damage, but may also cause “blood splatters”. Enemy blood splatters will fill your character’s blood splatter icon! Once the icon is filled, the blood maiden will enter massacre mode. During massacre mode, the blood maiden’s stats increase, and they can access powerful skills. They will exit massacre mode after a set amount of turns. You can also make blood splatters by causing criticals, or by defeating enemies with “overkill”.

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Partner lets you assign blood maidens to support members in the party. Assigned blood maidens offer support through attacking enemies or healing their partners. be sure to assign partners once you have enough blood maidens in your party. QcSGOL - supply box
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