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Free hack Master of Wills cheats code list - gold, energy, legendary card, promo ticket, DNA, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Master of Wills cheat world: this is a futuristic battle between factions where the winner is the player that moves the most points to their side of the board after 8 rounds. There are 3 rows on each side of the board. Recruits, loyalists and allies. When cards are moved to allies, they are completely protected and locked in. The middle row on the board is called the Neutral area. This is where new cards are drawn into the game. Let's add the starting 6 cards to the board.

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Each card has a point value in the top left corner. These points are added to your score as you move the cards to your side of the board. Each turn, you will start off by selecting one community card to be your starting card. Let's selet one now. We've chosen the 5 orange. The starting position of this card is the recruits row. Let's move hero to the row.

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Second card has +2 black and -1 brown moves. Let's move the +2 black. YOu may move one card or multiple cards. Let's move both black cards +1. You must complete all the moves on the card so let's finish by moving the brown card - towards your opponent. You moved 2 cards with the draw icon. if a card moves out of the neutral area with this icon, new cards are drawn for each draw icon. Once all of your actions have been completed, an end of turn card is drawn to the neutral area. Your turn is over and the oppontn will now play.

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There are also faction cards in the game. Each with unique and powerful effects. To play one, your starting card must contain the faction icon. The ooponent chose the 7 orange and moved the 8 blue to your allies. Now that they have completed all their moves, they will draw and play a faction card. They played kill and move which is an action card. They killed 1 of your cards and moved 1 of their own. You can learn about faction cards in advanced training.

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