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8.props menu
9.Hint (tips & triks)
10.Gift codes

Character: click avatar to enter the hero details interface. You can upgrade the character when the experience value reaches the upgrade condition. Click the upgrade button to upgrade the soldier. After the character is upgraded, the basic attributes will be improved. Upgrade can unlock skills and obtain attribute points. Upgrade the materials required to meet, you can upgrade, or use cheats codes. Hero attributes: life, attack, critical chance, critical damage, attacks speed, move speed.

Master cheats, hack codes

1. TZp5xPNT - gold coins
2. d2EsRjhi - materials
3. Enter hack SoPwy7qb - master pass
4. Pass TwdU4s5v - potions
5. YeawKnr4 - legendary items
6. Enter hPgupQ53 - holy water
7. qpWMLUG6 - gems
8. ktNFnHmP - props

Master Controls: when moving, an attack range prompt will appear. The swordsman’s attack range is divided into two sections. The inner circle range is the ordinary attack range. The outermost ring is the jump cut range. Sliding the screen can control the movement of the character, the attack range will be prompted during the movement of the character, but will not attack. Use the skill, a range prompt circle will appear. Slide the screen to roll over to avoid damage. Rolling and jumping are invincible. Rolling and jumping will consume physical strength, and physical strength will gradually recover over time. Mission Task: kill 100 monsters goblin warrior times. Battles gain 100 experience. Consume 500 gold coins. Any ordinary level clearance 3 times. Gain 50 gold in battle. Rewards: experience, gold coins, gem crystal. Completion of achievements and tasks can receive pass experience and other rich rewards.

Skills: transient body chop - quickly teleport to the nearest target in range for a small range attack.

Heroes: swordsman - a knight skilled in the use of sword weapon. Ranger - a bush hunter with a bow and arrow. Infire mage - fire mage using a wand.

Achievements: forming type, challenge class, to build such, transactional.

Props menu: holy water - property points can be cleared. Rage potion - increase character attack speed. The order - used to refresh daily tasks. Epic wonderland - used is shakotan coast.

Master gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The skill status and the character’s Buff will be displayed under the stamina.
  • 2. Continuous skills can be interrupted by clicking again, rolling and using other skills.
  • 3. Each upgrade can get attribute points, which can be used to add points to a single attribute.
  • 4. Click on the skill slot to change skills and adjust the order of skill positions.
  • 5. Master pass, cheats - the advanced pass can get a lot of generous rewards such as secret orders, holy water, and potions.

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