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Hello! I'm Michael, a judge from the prestigious MasterChef series. Today, we're searching for our next culinary champion! Right now, we're still in the casting process! I'm very pleased to meet you! We're touring cities at the moment looking for potential champions! We'd like you to prepare us something simple to start with. You'll have to dazzle us with your culinary skills! I'm sure you can do it! The kitchen's all yours. See you in a little while! Receive more stars than the other players! Tap the button when your dish is cooked!

Now that you've been selected to participate, we need to know more about you so we can present you to the audience. Don't worry, you can always change it again later! Thank you very much! I've taken note of what you told me. Your photo is superb! It's time to prepare for the next challenge. You are all competing against each other in this challenge to try and win a MasterChef apron. This apron will allow you to take part in the next stage of the show!

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hack MASTERCHEF LET'S COOK Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Today's challenge is the famous "Mystery Box"! We will be judgung your ability to adapt and work outside your comfort zone. A good cook knows how to pepare specialities from all around the globe! It's best to take your time when spreading ingredients. It's wasted if you go over the edge! Receive more stars than the other players!

cheat Step #2: It is my great pleasure to announce that you will be competing in the world's greatest culinary competition! The MasterChef apron that I give you today makes it official. Go on, put it quickly! It is time for your first match! This time you will have free access to the pantry. We will give you our requests, but you are free to ignore them if you wish. You can be as creative as you want! When you decorate your dish, try to drop ingredients right on the crosses to improve your presentation score.

code Step #3:You have passed with flying colors and demonstrated your speed, technical skill, and creativity. The important qualities of a future MasterChef! The better you get, the faster you will move ahead in the different episodes. And with each new episode, the pantry will grow and you will unlock new recipes.

MASTERCHEF LET'S COOK Step #4: All your unlocked recipes are stored in the cookbook. To unlock a new recipe family, complete an episode or try out new recipes during matches! Here are your rcipes and ingredient tokens. Use them to upgrade recipes and earn more stars during matches. Open MasterBoxes to get more tokens. Click on the recipe icon for more details. Move to the next episode to get more ingredients and unlock more recipes!

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  • To stop a saucepan boiling over, lower the heat when you see liquid rising up toward the edge.
  • You earn trophies based on your ranking in each match. Trophies allow you to move up to the next league!
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