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Your path to becoming the next Masterchef starts here. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, plating is an important skill you need to master in the kitchen. Timing and presentation are vital! For your first challenge, show us your skills by plating this mystery box confection. Tap the mystery box to reveal your surprise requirement! Now you’re in the master chef kitchen! It all starts with your choice of plate. Tap the plate pin. Tap on a plate to place it. Tap the food pin. Which mousse do you like best (chocolate, lemon, strawberry)? Select one to proceed. That’s not bad, but i think you can do more.

MasterChef Dream Plate hack

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How about placing toppings to spruce it up a bit? Now to decorate! Some dishes won’t need a decorative sauce, but this one does. Select the decor that best fits your dish to proceed. Frame your dish by pinching to zoom, or dragging to scroll. Then take the photo. Add effects to give your photo something extra! Tap an effect to add it, then pinch to resize it. Drag it to the trash if you change your mind. Great, the required items is on the plate - we’re ready to submit.

MasterChef Dream Plate cheats, hack codes

Your first challenge, show us your skills by plating this mystery box confection. Maybe there’s a master in you, after all. You’re almost ready to impress the judges with your dishes! Let’s set up your profile, tap the profile tab. You can view your current player level and pantry of owned items here, and customize your chef profile.
You can judge players’ dishes - judging earns you tokens which you use to enter challenges.
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Put your imagination to use and bake delicious treat for a family picnic. Tap the dish you think best fits the challenge. Keep judging other players’ dishes to earn tokens. To see the scores of your own dishes, tap on the results tab. Using the best food items and matching the challenge will get you better scores. With a score you’re on your way to becoming a great chef.
Time to visit check our daily feed to see the best dishes submitted by our chefs. Keep submitting and judging challenges every day to earn experience and rewards and the chance to get featured in the daily feed.

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King of seafood: this shellfish of considered by many as the ultimate luxury. With numerous ways of cooking (boiled, steamed, pan-seared, or grilled), a true chef has their own version of this “king of seafood” - and now it’s your turn. Taking over a fine dining restaurant for a night, this is your star protein - make it count! Conceptualize a dish using this mystery box protein to serve in a five star restaurant. GpvBWT - chest
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