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At the dawn of time, the all-master Cen created Ivren, and made seventeen angels known as the Qurya, to share in this new world of light. But two of the Qurya disobeyed Cen and created life of their own: Mezalar made the dwarves, and gave them the power of Craft. Seva made the elves, and gave them power of words. Mezalar combined these two powers to create a great mask. When he donned the Mask, Mezalar discovered both darkness and great power, and so he decided to challenge Cen for control of Ivren. For seventeen centuries they fought, until the Qurya Rabulan and a Human champion named Tiraman smashed the great mask in the name of Cen, defeating Mezalar many eyes. Millennia later, the pieces of the great mask lie dormant. But their power is starting to return, and now the masks seek masters both new and old.

Masters of the Masks cheats android, ios hack codes

Masters of the Masks  –  hack codes
The top gauge represents health. If health drops to zero, the character will perish. The bottom gauge represents action time. Once this gauge fills, the character will get a turn. The more health you have at the end of a battle, the higher your rating will be. The higher your rating is, the more ingredients you win! Hang on to these ingredients. You scored 3 stars, means 3 tickets. They will serve you well in the journey to come. If you want more ingredients, or didn't get the ones you want, you can spin again. Each quest requires a certain amount of stamina. If you run out of stamina, you can purchase more.

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Masters of the Masks  –  cheats secret bug
Use the mask's power to defend against the Yerms attacking the towm. You can bring a friend along to help you in battle. Friends receive a 2x boost in Faith. All living creatures in the world of Ivren have elements. More powerful skills require a higher EX gauge level. Remember, common masks require 1, rar masks require 2 and super rare masks require 3 gauge points to activate. You can use gold coins to re-spin the roulette and try for a better skill. You can equip shield the same way from the shield tab. Be sure to create and fuse masks often, especially when you find yourself in a dire situation.

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1. EaeBN63luI - gold
2. VfF3rbmlyf - silver
3. 1I6hMPi4ft - weapons
4. S5ATVZ0Fls - shield
5. XhuYJHU9lW - materials
6. AfVfibCUby - fuse
7. oGyrPi8V3I – unlimited stamina
8. 6aWJUjFtpm - gift pack tickets

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