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Free hack Match Royale cheats code list - gold, skill books, boost up, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Match Royale cheat world: your majesty, we are under attack! Bandits are trying to rob our wagons, to arms! Combine tiles of the same color to attack enemies. We used stones to charge the hero's unique ability! Combine 4 tiles in a row to create a bomb. Tap on the bomb to blow up nearby tiles.

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Combine 5 tiles in a row to get a crystal. The crystal destroys all tiles of one color. Use your heros' abilities. We need to hurry, the dragon Lord's army is closing in. I have drawn up a recruitiment contact for new heroes.

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Use a summons scroll to summon a hero. A royal summons scroll lets you summon stronger heroes. You should add a new hero to your team and replace a weaker hero with a stronger one. You need to get your heroes ready for battles. I can help! The mage tower is full of hack cheats and skill books.

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If the heroes read them, they will become incredibly strong and smart. Choose a character to level them up. All you need is gold and skill books or hack code. We defeated the enemy, but our kingdom is still in grave danger. The Dragon Lord's death is the only way to ensure peace, and you are the only who can defeat him.

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