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Welcome, i will assist you in your journey to be a the greatest ruler in China! The emperor has just issued a decree for us to assist in the battle against the yellow turbans. The rebels have pillaged villages, people are suffering. We must do whatever we can to suppress this rebellion!
First of all, you need to summon a General to lead your army. An army without a capable leader are just headless chickens. You may already know this, but Generals plays a central role in your success in the upcoming battles.

Match 3 Kingdoms cheats, hack codes

1. S + TfAKbS6P - summon dragon card
2. V + KOzOXWxu - booster
3. Enter Q + aF36rX6v - sweep ticket
4. W + Pass JCxb3DPx - gold ingot
5. S + NB6r0oi0 - silver
6. Enter d + HmKx8dyx - iron resource
7. s + Cvs2x8TC - heroes shards
8. W + cfcJZm7c - quality of life
9. Q + MzSzGNLv - equipments
10. q + ukVbSb3G - daily gift
11. s + aIwyXykh - secret combiantion

Match 3 Kingdoms how controls: the imperial uncle He Jin is already on our side. But with him alone, our army might not be strong enough. We need a great hero to lead our cavalry. I have an idea, click on cheats codes > phoenix summon, hopefully there is a strong general that answered our call to beat the rebels. Gao Shun has agreed to join our army. With someone as capable as him leading our cavalry, victory is at hand! Alright, now we have 2 generals to battle the rebels, i think we are ready! I have arranged all the necessary preparations for battle. Pur army is well trained and ready for battle. To go to battle, press this battle button.

Hack Match 3 Kingdoms basics: our scouts have returned with the locations of the rebel camp. I believe Cheng Yuanzhi is the most exposed. We should take this advantage and storm his camp while hes not expecting us. We always start our battle by examining the enemy formation, cheat code, hack tools. Here as you can see they only have two yellow turbans unit in the middle row, which is a single target offensive infantry. Click on the arrow to set up our formation for this battle. Although you do not participate in battle this time, your judgement is critical in our victory. You need to place generals in the correct placement the formation to get maximum advantage in battle. Click the + button to add He Jin to lead our Vanguard infantry on the front of our formation.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. On the battle screen, we can see our units on the left, while our enemies are on the right. What are those colourful tiles for, you ask? We give command to our army by swapping these tiles to match at least three tiles of the same type. There are five types of soldiers: infantry (red), cavalry (pink), archer (orange), mage (blue), and support (green), cheat (purple).
  • 2. If infantry tile are matched, then all of our infantry will attack on this turn. If cavalry tiles are matched, then all of our cavalry will attack on this turn. It is possible for multiple armies to attack at the same turn. For now, lets order our infantry to advance. Swipe and connect infantry tiles and use hack tools. If infantry tiles are matched, all of our infantry soldiers will attack.
  • 3. Gao Shun also attacked although he is not an infantry class. Thats because he got an ability called extra strike which gives him extra action opportunities whenever a specific condition is met. In this case, his ability is I/A extra strike, which gives him extra strike if infantry or archer tiles are matched. Sometimes the tile board may be arranged unfavorably for us. Luckily, we can use special items in that situation to turn the tide in our favor. Using cheat code, hack tools, items is not counted as a turn, so you can still swipe tiles afterwards.
  • 4. Please set your army formation. You must place the right generals in the right place so they can unleash their fullest potential. Exploiting the enemy weakness is the key to victory. Click + button to add generals. Refer to the army cost above to determine how many generals you can deploy.
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