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1. BI33gbVnGs - experience potion 2. wcM0hC4Lxl - military rank 3. Zsaha3OQE8 - dragon blood balls 4. VD4pfHRWAn - upgrade hero 5. 4EnVC4XqlE - get role elements Summon the temple to shine, go! The battle of the 6 countries needs you! Let us first get a hero in the ordinary summoning. Time is running out, let’s go to the battlefield. First of all, we need to set up the automatic hanging team. After the battle, you will collect the spoils for the heroes, and fight.
The front is their Boss, we will break this line as soon as possible!

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The mainland has been divided by the heads of all parties. The heroes will quickly command heroes to fight and defeat the Boss of this party. Here is the territory of heroes. The ream fighting and hanging up is different, so you need to re-se;ect the hero. The enemy Boss can not be provoked, be careful!

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1. Bt39SRHLGq - monthly card 2. LEyOF4ZxNB - mini card 3. 7LV79QWnqj - weekly package 4. Ul2QtCz1Ji - keys 5. eePVlEOjVf - essence

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The artifact gained from the battle can also strengthen the hero and make the hero stronger. Items- equipment, artifacts, and ranks are here. This is the spoils after you hang up, pay attention to prevent the thief from approaching. His subordinates are limited and can no longer continue to follow the heroes’ footsteps. There is an ancestor in the next family to pass on the treasure.
Max Heroes wiki
The subordinates cannot identify this thing. When the heroes experience it, they are willing to pass the ancestors to the treasure.
The six races are now in full swing. Can you win the world to calm the war? I have prepared diamonds code for you to build your own troops. YOur arrival will affect the fate of this world!

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11 875Aes0bmd artifact

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Legend can guide the monsters of the sea, but also the master of Haibawang.
  • The first time you recharge any amount, you will get a powerful hero. The hero can be raised to 9 stars.
  • Accumulated high level summoning times to get rich rewards.
  • Super treasure activity hack - you will get following awards for daily first login.
  • Raising your benefits level increases your daily rewards from your weekly card.

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Hack cheats tutorial Max Heroes(wiki): Characters: helena - the stone monkey decided to fight with the cemetery after a big fight in the heavens.
Mosheng - although it is a demon, but does not bother with the low level magic, has always challenged the strong. Improve their ability, and hope to become the first person in the world.
Harty Ernie - the cemeter boss, who can quickly petrify the surrounding creatures, is also a violent old lady.
Max Heroes tutorial

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